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This just in ~

October 19, 2010

Ka. Wa. IIIII. Ne? XD

So… this is a like a giant/mass report on the last month pretty much. Everything thats happened and everything thats going to happen in the next few weeks. I think…

So, I’ll start off with the fact I’m back at uni :woop: Living in student digs free from the reign of the parentals! Exact same room as last year, one of the same roommates, but one went awol just after christmas, so we have a new one. Still assessing… might be a bit too chavvy/noisy for our liking :\
Course wise, you may not know I switched. From Animation Design to Graphic Design & Illustration. Just lots and lots and LOTS of drawing. Which is goooooooood. Takes up a fair amount of time, but thats cool. I’m managing to balance the education with the recreation. Skip below the cut to see what I’ve been up to ;).


I’m so going to Japan >:D

July 1, 2010

I know what I’m doing after university. I’m going to Japan. Its been decided. Spent ages talking to a friend bout it tonight, they’re the one who told me about the program(will get to it), so THANK YOU!! You know who you are ;D

Summer Matsuri, tis the season, ne?


An Edwardian Butler?

October 18, 2009

Last…..I’m not sure when actually, we got given our characters for this year. I pulled ‘Obstinate Butler’ from the bowl of impossible things. But not only a Butler, he has to be.. Edwardian… Which is a freakin’ vague era, Victorian would have been so much more obvious lol. BUT since most Butlers look alot alike, I’ve got it easy, my other teammates(super happy with my teammates btw :woop: I was lucky. Sooo lucky!), not so easy. Ladies and Heads of the House, Maids n got knows what.

As I sit here eating Monster Munch with my left hand and trying not to get my keyboard greasy, I present to you my preliminary sketches. I took obstinate to be obstinant, which I thought was grumpy, unwilling, that kinda thing, thankfully I was right, so it didn’t put  a kibosh on my plans. I want him kinda slimey and slinky, so tall n lanky are a must imo.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

More pages below the cut.


A couple of things…

October 8, 2009

Right, I might aswell start with the most recent thing, fresh in the memory and whatnot. Thing 1;

The vid above is one of the awesome animations by RJDM. Check out their site! Do it!!!!!!! Their company name is like a combo of RDJ and JDM. Heh. Heheh. Hehehehe….. Yum.

Uni has now properly kicked off. One class on tuesday, which I’ll mention a bit later… and one today, meant to be two, but our teacher was ill. Man-flu or something lol. Today, was awesome. Met the head of RJDM. An animation company based in Northamptonshire. And, unlike how I usually do, I went on the site to see what they’re done that I recognised.

More below the cut, do read on!


My New Room

September 26, 2009

You may remember seeing my room at uni last year, if you don’t the recap/comparison is here. But last week, the 20th to be exact, I moved into my new living quarters for the next year. The room is WAY bigger than I thought it’d be lol.

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)



April 6, 2009

So I’m back home. To the land of neverending cat hair on my computer screen lol. And most of my figures are back at my uni accomodation…. It does feel great to be back though. And weirdly, it doesn’t feel, to me, like I’ve been gone. I’m sure its different for my family(cats included) cos I’ve been gone the majority of 7 months. It just means I’ll be taking up space and eating their food instead of me buying my own haha.

From the op

From the op

I still haven’t finished unpacking. And am planning to play my PS2 for the first time in ages. (Can’t decide between P3 Fes or P4…. gah decisions….) Shirley is sitting just to the left of my laptop screen, and Nono a little behind her. The other 4 are spread about in various places. Had to shift some stuff just to make room… god knows what’ll happen when I bring home the rest…… I can’t sell any… I just can’t… Not yet… not untill I’m uber-uber desperate for space/money or both!

Anyways… just checking in. And giving ya’ll some Mio-love. Isn’t she darling??!! Now I gotta find out what this problem is with my speakers…. nothings making any noise… gaaaaah.



Oh, and guess who won the Aquamarine group of Saimoe?….


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