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How far does multimedia go back?

December 2, 2008

(This is for uni work folks, bear with me! :grin:)

I have to admit, I scoffed at the idea of multimedia back in the caveman days.(Cavepaintings + singing and dancing round in front of them getting stoned/high etc) But if you actually think about it, multimedia doesn’t just mean what we’re used to it meaning now. It’s multimedia, lots of different media’s, like with art materials, you have a multimedia piece of work. Unlike the more modern term of phrasing to do with technology and todays media. To be honest, when I think of Multimedia, I think of franchises spanning different platforms, games, books, tv etc.

I’ll be blunt, I won’t lie. The older stuff hardly interests me at all. It’s just how I’m wired I’m afraid. If its the history of things I like, I’ll be there in a flash, trust me, cave paintings, not so much. Computery stuff, more likely. (May I just say, WOOO 1989 Internet the year I was born! lol) No matter how much the cave paintings from 15000bc resemble graffiti(Kudos to Katie for getting that lol), thats no more likely to get me intrigued. The later development of media, through technology and such like however, I will go for, since I’ve already learned some stuff from Media Studies in Alevel(YUS, It’s coming in handy!) and being born in the techie generation, being born the year of the internets creation has gotta have some kinda reprucussions… although the Berlin Wall came down that year too…. so who knows whats going on with ’89.

I do love what multimedia has become though. And I thank all those who played their part. Even the cavemen. (Theres a question… how to Christians fight against the evolution theory if cavemen are part of technology developing into what it is today? Just an afterthought… lol)

(And for my regulars, the pinacle of tomorrows technological feats! Maid robots! (High res here)silfa

And guess what? I gots her too. £20 at Memorabilia. :woot:

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