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Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure Review – Kotomi-GET!!

October 15, 2008

‘The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds. Like the traces of the heart, no halt to the places.’

A quote found on the back of the box. From the song ‘Ana’ off the Clannad soundtrack. I never really liked the song, but recognised the lyrics from the beginning and from one episode….

Today I got my Kotomi!! I ordered her late-late monday night, she was shipped on tuesday, and arrived today via Parcelforce!! I finally caved… I know I should be saving money for the London Expo… but I have no clue if Kotomi will be available at the Expo… And I didn’t wanna miss out on getting her. I missed out on Fuko on the site… was not gonna miss out Kotomi… And since there is only one Kotomi Ichinose review on the web that I could find, and it’s on a foreign site, that doing my own would be ok. Took loads of pictures and got a decent amount of decent ones.

Isn’t she cute??!! The photo’s on the other review didnt make her look good, too close some of them, but when you see her in real life she’s sooo cute sweeter! So much like Kotomi in the series!(Clannad for those who don’t know lol.)

Without the props.

Without the props.

Isn’t she darling?! And I’m getting better with the camera I think…. it helps that the lighting in the room was good too. Seeing her like this just makes me wanna rewatch Clannad all over again!! But I’ve got so much to watch!!

Kotomi-chan to the side.

Kotomi-chan to the side.

I hope these photos make you all go out and buy her while you still can! Because she’s totally worth getting! (More pics below here!!!)


Nabari no Ou – Spring Season Anime I’m finally looking at…

August 12, 2008

When the spring season came around, I downloaded 4 or 5 episodes to try and pick a series to follow. But for some reason I never got round to watching any of them…. It may have been because I was concentrating on finishing Higurashi off….or schoolwork…. I honestly can’t remember….. A little way into the spring season I picked up Kurenai, which turned out to be very good. Anyways, Nabari no Ou was one of the 4/5 I planned to look at. Usually the word ‘ninja’ will put me off a series straight away, but I liked the character designs of NNO, I think I chose series based completely on the appearence in April…. not normally what I’de do. Usually I research into it, or a friend recommends it.

Nabari no Ou is mighty pretty, I’ll give it that. Tis very good animation in my oppinion. And quite funny in places. Bits like this I find particularly funny.

I love how he pretends to be girly to shock people. I lol’d.

And the voice actor for that character, Rokujo, is a girl like I thought, and is the voice of Shana from Shakugan no Shana!! And the voice of Sayo in Super Gals!! Datchu!! (Love Super Gals!!)

Anyways, was just looking through my archives and seeing what I hadn’t watched before, (picked something to watch while I was drying my hair lol) and its turned out to be pretty good. Might look into the rest sometime soon.

Wonfes Updates

August 3, 2008

Many many wonderful updates from this summers Wonfes can be found on Danny Choo’s site. Go look!! Now now!! NOW!!

Nogizaka Harukani no Himitsu TROLLED by Moetaku….

July 24, 2008

EDIT: Horrible, horrible people, who do lovely things, but also do horrible things…. IT’S NOT EVEN APRIL FOOLS GODAMMIT!!!! :sob: All is well…. severely messed with….but well…..

:sob: When I went to check on how Haruka’s Secret was coming along today I got a shock…. instead of what I was hoping for, a banner saying ‘Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep 2 Released!’, I saw one saying this;

I know that I’m not the only one who’s devestated by this news…. Moetaku just did such good subs…. but I can sympathise with some of the reasons they dropped it…. You can read them here. This just means the fans of Haruka’s Secret will have to go elsewhere…. Most likely Bakawolf. Which is fine for me, I liked Bakawolf doing H20 Footprints in the Sand. I think the video quality was slightly less good, but the subs were awesome. Theres still the Moe-Nigga Prerelease of Haruka’s Secret…. I wasn’t gonna go for that, but now I spose I’ll have too….

New Movies – what to see

July 19, 2008

I’ll probly be going to the cinema tomorrow night instead. But I might not be able to go see Stephen Kings ‘The Mist’ which sucks, but I will probly see it sometime this week hopefully. The reason I might not be able to see ‘The Mist’ is that my little brother(age 11) isn’t allowed to be left at home on his own yet, and my other brother(17) isn’t at home right now, he’s at a friends. So I may have to go and see Wall E with him tomorrow.

I have to admite he is quite cute, wouldn't mind a toy of him or something lol

I have to admite he is quite cute, wouldn't mind a toy of him or something lol

 I wanna see Wall E aswell, but that’ll be on for weeks more, and ‘The Mist’ isn’t exactly a massive hit, so it’ll have a fairly limited run, tis a shame, but true.(AND its only playing at one cinema in Norwich so far, the Odeon on Riverside. Damn Vue(the one we normally go to) arn’t showing it.) So it might be Wall E tomorrow, and after seeing a T4 special today(during my break at work lol, what timing!!) I’m looking forward to seeing it more than I was. My parents and grandma will be seeing Mamma Mia, which I’ve refused to go and see, even though a bit of Colin Firth every now and then ain’t such a bad thing. Shame he’s same age as my dad now lol.

Chi’s Sweet Home

July 15, 2008

I can’t remember exactly why I found myself looking up Chi’s Sweet Home, probably someone recommended it. Anyways, I found it to be, so far, the single most endearing series I’ve seen. Ever. More so than Aria or anything else. It’s probably the combination of awesomely cute visuals and the voice actor of Chi him/herself. (I think Chi is gender neutral…. lol I’m only 17 eps in, so no one tell me if Chi is one or the other.) Satomi Koorogi is not only responsible for voicing Chi, but more familiar to me, Tat from Klonoa 2 Lunatea’s Veil, a fantastic PS2 game, the first one I ever got actually. The music in that game was fantastic too. Koorogi sang a song in that actually now I think about it…. must hunt down…..


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