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So… 2010 ey?

December 31, 2009

Today is the last day of the decade…. its odd… its not like tomorrow will feel any different… but it’ll be the 4th decade I’ve been alive in…. and I’m only 20 lol. (80’s, very briefly(8 days to be more precise), 90’s, 00’s and soon… the 10’s…) What do we call the 10’s anyways? Tens? Least the Twenties and Thirties work nicely. But Tens? Is so… meh….

Something I intended to to be quick... and black n white... but I got carried away... even if it is lame, I like it LOL. Totally shows off my talent, riiiiiiiiiight? lol

(They’re my Cynicats! Cynical kitties! LOL)

Hopefully though, a new decade will be good stuff. Like better music still. Cos the noughties was pretty lame if I’m honest lol. Lots of good tv+anime though. And movies. Though I think I prefer the nineties for movies…. maybe… would have to cross check stuff… lol.

Anyways…. I won’t actually be here when this publishes, I’ll be round a friends. We’re having our outcasts new years lol, staying in, playing games and some drink. Though Will’s told me he plans to get off his face before midnight. Which will be fun I’m sure.

Happy New Year and all that! Hope you had a nice Christmas too ofc. I might do my present report sometime… mostly DVD boxsets though haha. I think I’ll set this to publish at 8:00pm. I like 8. Its nice.

My New Room

September 26, 2009

You may remember seeing my room at uni last year, if you don’t the recap/comparison is here. But last week, the 20th to be exact, I moved into my new living quarters for the next year. The room is WAY bigger than I thought it’d be lol.

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)


Star Trek – Okay? Awesome!!

May 13, 2009

The BEST thing I’ve seen in the cinema since Iron Man/Cloverfield. I’m so glad that JJ Abrams pulled this off. I was worried they’d picked the wrong cast… But they so didn’t. They all worked. And I loved it.

I was getting over-hyped before I saw it, tried to calm myself… telling myself just cos its JJ Abrams it won’t be that awesome… Just in case I ended up not liking it…


International Saimoe League 2009

February 16, 2009


I saw some Saimoe 2009 stuff floating around the net, and thought I’d look into it. Apparantly the 64(don’t remember where I got 37 from….it was wrong…very wrong…far off lol) entrants have been chosen, and the voting starts on the 16th of March. I think I’ll cover the competition. Seems fun, and I wanna see how far the 12 girls I’m rooting for get. Read on to see who my picks are! And the schedule and whatnot.


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