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Avatar didn’t need to be in 3D…

January 24, 2010

Seen the movie 3 times now. First two times in 3D. And today, in 2D. I’ve wanted to see it in 2D since I first saw it lol.

I do love the movie, I didn’t want to, but I do… I just don’t see what 3D adds to the experience… all the special effects & CGI look just as good in 2D, and you don’t have to wear those damn clunky 3D glasses that block out everything around you. Until theres a way to see 3D movies without making us wear the glasses… I think they should stop plugging it so much… its such a gimic *sigh*… I can’t wait till this 3D phase dies down…

Sure it has flaws, and a few continuity goofs I noticed, but I’m willing to overlook them lol.

Oh, I kept forgetting, but remembered just now lol, the noise alot of the creatures on Pandora made reminded me of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. I think it was the horse-things(Direhouse/Pa’li) & the banshee’s(Ikran)… Yeah… definitely Jurassic Park.. the noise Raptors make.

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