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Bucket ‘o’ Pens

February 19, 2009
Bucket ‘o’ pens!!! lol. Old sweet bucket which was bought near halloween time, which I still haven’t emptied(sweets were removed before pens were added lol. These pens are no ordinary felt tips, these pens, are magic pens. Woven from the hair of unicorns! And the dye is made by the seven dwarfs! Seriously though, they are awesome pens. Letraset promarkers, they’re like a budget version of Copic markers, perform pretty much the same, but for much less cash lol. Theres another Letraset brand marker, Tria, which are more expensive, with 3 nibs, hence the Tria name I assume lol.

Valentines, ney?

February 14, 2009


Chosen cos when I think of Tokyo Mew Mew, I think pink lol.(Would have prefered a manga illustration, but MI didnt have any....) Comes from Moe Imouto, thats the high res.

Chosen cos when I think of Tokyo Mew Mew, I think pink lol.(Would have prefered a manga illustration, but MI didnt have any....) Comes from Moe Imouto, thats the high res.

Now this isn’t some bitter old spinsters view on it, but Valentines day… really? Where the prices of literally EVERYTHING sky rocket! I’d like to refer to the ‘Love Day’ simpsons episode to back this up lol. If your in a couple, there shouldn’t need to be a day to make your love known, it should just be obvious anyways. And for those not in relationships who want to be in relationships, its just like rubbing it in their faces. It’s mean.

To sum it up, couples shouldn’t need valentines as excuse to shower your loved one with gifts! It should be done at every opportunity!!! lol (Don’t overdo it obviously lol, you’ll get broke really fast if you do, and you’ll get sued by your signifigant other for lying about how much money you’ve got like in an ep of Ally McBeal lol)

Now some lovely pics of Akari Yamigishi! She’s so cute!


To Heart Complete DVD Thinpack

November 26, 2008

Yesterday I got my To Heart anime boxset in the mail. 13 episodes, 6 mini episodes(I’ve seen 2, very cute!) plus the usual extras, trailers, line art etc. I’m on episode 7.



Pretty box art.


Prettyness. I didn’t think I’d like the art as much as I do. But it’s nice. charming or something. Bought for £20. Region 1. Released by Rightstuf and Nozomi. Better DVD’s than ADV or such like. Better dub. I can actually stand to listen to it lol. Has been a while since I have been able to listen to a dub for a prolonged length of time. Akari’s english voice actress sounds cute. The UK would never have such a good deal unless it’d been out for yonks. Then again… they’d almost never release this…

Memorabilia – Midlands Expo Sunday Nov 23rd

November 24, 2008

Now….. bad news… I forgot my camera…. didnt realise before I was on the train… just as it was about to leave…. you don’t now how gutted I was… I could have got a pic of the Fonz… of Gareth David Lloyd…. :sob: I wish I brought it….. damn…. nevermind though. My camera is pretty awful anyways. I have the memories, they are good enough for me. Not for you lot obviously. But theres videos and pics on the official site I’m sure. Content-wise, Memorabilia is much-much more varied than Expo. More actual scifi and comics rather than raging Naruto fans. And its on a larger scale. Bigger venue. And food INSIDE the venue too! Hot food and hot drinks and snacks and everything! You need never leave! (Unless you need to find a cash machine :cough: which I did…. and had to wait in line AGES for the only available one in the NEC….(for some reason the rest of the cash machines were out of order… grrrrrr). After I had been to the cash machine I went to get some lunch. I needed sugar and stodgy foods. So I went to a Free House/Bar/Cafe thing that was inside the NEC complex. Had coke and a cheese and ham panini. Was good. £6.60 total I think… pretty good considering they could have hiked the price alot due to its locale. Also got some snackage for inside, when I returned into the convention. (I went to get money for a Mecha-Musume mini figure, cos I only had £5 and she was £7.) The NEC complex is a BIG place, 20 showrooms, big rooms. There were two other shows on while I was there. The Golf Show(LOL) and the Christmas Festive Gift Fair….. I was so tempted to go in and be showered by the jollity. But I restrained myself from spending more….

I did get photos of my loot though. A fine loot for the limited cash I brought…. it was soooo tempting not to have got out more than I did….. No Hatsune Miku Figma though… :sulks: I did however, pick up another figure I’ve been pining over for a while now… Silfa from ToHeart2 Another Days! I’m soooooo glad I got her! And for only £20!! And I got the To Heart Akari figure which I regretted not buying in Norwich for the same price! £10!



 I also got two more of the GoodSmile VIP trading figures. I had MaRyan from the London Expo. Today I got Komaki and Akari(Two Akari’s! lol. The Komaki Sisters! lol).



As I mentioned before, I got a mini Mecha Musume gal, (Pic if you read on)


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