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Autumn Season TV – Constantine (Spoilers)

October 28, 2014

I’m trying quite a few of the new season shows. Things like Scorpion and Gotham have already dug their heels in and are on my list for as long as they air. But there are plenty of other shows I’m still undecided on, and some I love unconditionally, but don’t see lasting. T-T Yesterday we tried Constantine.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.


Autumn season US TV 2014 – Gotham & Scorpion – Better than expected

September 30, 2014

Decided to try out Gotham because, why not? New season TV is always worth checking out. And cos comic book.

Design wise, Gotham reminds me of the 90’s Batman cartoon. The layout of the police HQ would be insane in real life, but it looks really cool. They seem to be using the same filters as CSI New York. Which makes sense as Gotham basically looks like New York but with some gothic looking buildings added to the landscape.

The overall feel/mise-en-scene of the show is something similar to Sin City. Scuzzy, grey, suspect and questionable characters populate the city. With the one shining beacon of hope that is Jim Gordon. Who wants to solve the murder of the Waynes. And since the police system is corrupt and owned by gangsters and whatnot, he has to do that on the down-low.

Below is a shot of the Scorpion team with Robert Patrick.


Trying to game, watch anime and regular TV all at once…

April 13, 2009


It just ain’t possible… I wish it was…. But there really isn’t enough hours in the day if I want to sleep as much as I do. So I think I *might* have to start getting up around 9am…. horrible thought… BUT it means I get to force my little brother to watch an episode of Firefly while nothing else is on hehe. He plays DS at the same time, but at least he’s soaking up the glory. He watched the Pilot episode this morning, easter morning, after our egg hunt lol. We didn’t even get all the eggs… kept finding odd eggs here and there thorought the day… Anyways… back to the subject!!


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