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A couple of things…

October 8, 2009

Right, I might aswell start with the most recent thing, fresh in the memory and whatnot. Thing 1;

The vid above is one of the awesome animations by RJDM. Check out their site! Do it!!!!!!! Their company name is like a combo of RDJ and JDM. Heh. Heheh. Hehehehe….. Yum.

Uni has now properly kicked off. One class on tuesday, which I’ll mention a bit later… and one today, meant to be two, but our teacher was ill. Man-flu or something lol. Today, was awesome. Met the head of RJDM. An animation company based in Northamptonshire. And, unlike how I usually do, I went on the site to see what they’re done that I recognised.

More below the cut, do read on!


How far does multimedia go back?

December 2, 2008

(This is for uni work folks, bear with me! :grin:)

I have to admit, I scoffed at the idea of multimedia back in the caveman days.(Cavepaintings + singing and dancing round in front of them getting stoned/high etc) But if you actually think about it, multimedia doesn’t just mean what we’re used to it meaning now. It’s multimedia, lots of different media’s, like with art materials, you have a multimedia piece of work. Unlike the more modern term of phrasing to do with technology and todays media. To be honest, when I think of Multimedia, I think of franchises spanning different platforms, games, books, tv etc.

I’ll be blunt, I won’t lie. The older stuff hardly interests me at all. It’s just how I’m wired I’m afraid. If its the history of things I like, I’ll be there in a flash, trust me, cave paintings, not so much. Computery stuff, more likely. (May I just say, WOOO 1989 Internet the year I was born! lol) No matter how much the cave paintings from 15000bc resemble graffiti(Kudos to Katie for getting that lol), thats no more likely to get me intrigued. The later development of media, through technology and such like however, I will go for, since I’ve already learned some stuff from Media Studies in Alevel(YUS, It’s coming in handy!) and being born in the techie generation, being born the year of the internets creation has gotta have some kinda reprucussions… although the Berlin Wall came down that year too…. so who knows whats going on with ’89.

I do love what multimedia has become though. And I thank all those who played their part. Even the cavemen. (Theres a question… how to Christians fight against the evolution theory if cavemen are part of technology developing into what it is today? Just an afterthought… lol)

(And for my regulars, the pinacle of tomorrows technological feats! Maid robots! (High res here)silfa

And guess what? I gots her too. £20 at Memorabilia. :woot:

Character Design Workshop with Nick Roberson

November 25, 2008

Today in class, we had an awesome workshop taught by Nick Roberson(He worked on Corpse Bride, and has been in the animation biz, teaching biz and stone carving biz)! Last week we were given a character, we had to pic at random. I picked this fellow.


All the characters we had to choose from were designed by Carlos Grangel, who I just found out did character designs for Balto….. OMG Awesome much. Anyways. We were told to do sketches of our character, profiles, silhoettes, head shots, 3/4 views etc.


Thats just one page of the stuff I did. I haven’t scanned anything in yet lol. I named him Dr Rondhart, after the village Doctor from Tsubasa Chronicles in volume 4 of the manga. He reminded me of Kyle Rondart for some reason. The pic I got also made me think of Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow lol. I can just imagine the little guy scuttling round a village tending to the needs of the sickly. Looking all flustered and wide eyed.

We had to model in plastacine. 9-5 modelling plastacine KILLS your fingers. I swear… I’m gonna get blisters on my fingers tonight…. they feel so raw….


Thats what it started out as. Well… not before building up the feet n stuff. It’s a shame the wire frame we got was a bit thick for the uber-thin legs of most of the characters we got given. But Rondhart still looks good.



Built up more. I misunderstood Nick when he said to give my guy more of a butt, and more shape around his stomach and stuff. He wanted me to do what I wanted to do originally lol. (Read on for final model n more WIPs)


My first time – with Maya 2008! (LOL)

October 7, 2008

Now I’m finally on my animation course and finally have my hands on Maya, I’ve been able to play about with it. So far I’m still learning and some of it’s really confusing… so many buttons and tabs and god knows what…. Today we learnt how to bend/curve things, and make funky shaped pillars.

This was my first try, very-very basic...

This was my first try, very-very basic...

This was the slightly different temple, better lighting, but the shadows have gone weird... I got it right earlier on... but then it went like that....

The is the slightly more fun temple, still with the strange planet, but now with funky pillars and a weird shaped roof! And a mountain backdrop which I made by pulling about a bit of Nurb plane.

The is the slightly more fun temple, still with the strange planet, but now with funky pillars and a weird shaped roof! And a mountain backdrop which I made by pulling about a bit of Nurb plane.

First time I added the shading on this, it looked fine, then I did something, and it went like this... I have no explanation... as I said, newbie to Maya...

First time I added the shading on this, it looked fine, then I did something, and it went like this... I have no explanation... as I said, newbie to Maya...

Anyone familiar with the Maya programs? Any helpful tips for beginners like moi?

Any I warn you now… I will be posting more, apparantly my course leader-y types like blogging lol. So I thought, eh why not put some here too. Next week we get to make rockets!!! :woot:

Buying Uni Art supplies – Aguuuu….

September 11, 2008

Was in Norwich today. Finally got all the pads and extra bits and bobs I need for my Animation Design class. 

Two A3 Sketch pads, one normal ringbound and one layout pad(like tracing paper only less see-through, I had to ask where it was lol). I got one ringbound and 3 bogstandard sketch pads, for backup. I got 2 A5 sketchbooks, one with a white cover so you can design it yourself. I got 8″ by 5″ cards for what I assume with be storyboards. They coulda just told us they were A5 lol, much easier to find. I got 2 more of my favourite pens; the Uniball Eye Micro. Dries mucho fast, love them. And you can see when they’ve almost run out cause of a window in the side of the pen! I also needed blue pencils…. I got two different blues to be safe. I got some extra sketching pencils too, 2B/4B etc. I had to get a stopwatch too, timing for animation and whatnot I’m guessing. Also got a new Stadtler rubber, my old one which I carry everywere is severely depleted compared to the new one…. I didn’t realise how small it had gotten… Also got some whitetack, for posters and stuff in my room, a mini stapler, and a 2gb USB memory stick. Me and a friend have decided to send USB sticks back and forth to give each other the latest stuff we’ve downloaded. We’re only an hour and a half away from each other anyways as it is.

I think thats it…. I paid for £30 worth of the stuff bought. But I offered too… :sigh: Like a good girl…. because my parents are already forking out god-knows how much for uni as it is. And I still have plenty in my account to take care of my preorders. So all is well. And on a side note, Denno Coil is still as awesome as ever!! I’m up to episode 19, it’s amazing I’ve stuck to my rules and am only watching one episode a day, before I go to bed…. remarkable how good my self control is for once! 😀 Getting pretty weird though…

Hope you liked the arty girl pic I found for this post! High res 1.7mb version can be found here at Moe Imouto.

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