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To Heart Complete DVD Thinpack

November 26, 2008

Yesterday I got my To Heart anime boxset in the mail. 13 episodes, 6 mini episodes(I’ve seen 2, very cute!) plus the usual extras, trailers, line art etc. I’m on episode 7.



Pretty box art.


Prettyness. I didn’t think I’d like the art as much as I do. But it’s nice. charming or something. Bought for £20. Region 1. Released by Rightstuf and Nozomi. Better DVD’s than ADV or such like. Better dub. I can actually stand to listen to it lol. Has been a while since I have been able to listen to a dub for a prolonged length of time. Akari’s english voice actress sounds cute. The UK would never have such a good deal unless it’d been out for yonks. Then again… they’d almost never release this…

What I’ve watched… Sky Girls

July 12, 2008

Thought I might just write a little about what I’ve watched after I got access to broadband internet. And I mean full series, not episodes here and there. Series that have held my attention. First one I watched was Sky Girls.

My fave girl Otoha

My fave girl Otoha

 Really enjoyed it. Even though it does seem to mainly be loli girls with exo-skeletons fighting aliens in a future war. It was cute, it had action, it has suspense. It had it all in my book. Loved the op theme and first ed theme aswell. Its not always you get a great series and great music to boot.

It suprised me how much I liked it, considering mecha-loli’s aren’t usually my thing.

Otoha looking cute

Otoha looking cute

Example of the girls in full loli-mode. Although Eika does have fairly sizable eyes.

Tis 26 episodes long, and there are DVD extra’s which were also subbed by the nice people of Ayako. More on what I’ve watched later. Heres the Opening of Sky Girls though. Enjoy.

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