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Chiemi’s Bio

March 4, 2009

People requested background info! I give you background info! lol

Born – 8th of April 4/8/19-ひみつ Age – ひみつ!!
Hometown – Outo, Currently resides in Hanshin (lol)
Favourite Colours – Green, pink and purple & rainbows!
TV – Friends, Scrubs, 90210, Lost
Anime – To Heart/2, Supergals, Cardcaptors
Manga – Cardcaptor Sakura, other Clamp stuff. Sand Chronicles
Movie – Clueless, Better off Dead, Kevin Smith stuff
Book – JPod, other Douglas Couplands, His Dark Materials, City of Ember etc
Game – Tekken 3, Persona 3

Current favourite song – Kimi ni, Mune Kyun by Yuu Kobayashi.

(More below, origins and personality etc etc)


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