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MSIA MS-07B Gouf

October 1, 2009

On sunday, I suddenly aqquired a Gouf. A cute little figure. My second premade Mobile Suit. First being my HCM Zaku. This Gouf, I first thought it was a little smaller than 1/144. But my Zaku Warrior Concert version is pretty much the same height as the Gouf, so I wonder what scale it is lol.

Love that sword.

Love that sword.

As figures go, it is properly lovely, not sure I could ever get one looking like this. My Sniper Zaku is probably the closest I’ve come so far lol. Awesome finish, brilliant posability, which I will demonstrate later in the post lol.


Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flower + Merry Independance Day!

July 4, 2009


The above pic is from the opening sequence, and I seriously doubt we’ll be getting much in the way of this. Seems far too sweet for that.

For all who like a bit of school girl/childhood friend yuri action, this will suit you well, hits all those targets anyways. Tis sweet, yet subtle, and well animated with so far, nice voice acting and a show that seems to have legs.(As in could last a while, like Marimite has, though I ain’t watched that myself lol.)


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