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City of Ember Movie Review

October 19, 2008

On Friday I got to see the movie version of the novel, The City of Ember, named, City of Ember!! LOL, so much difference… wonder why they dropped the ‘The’ though… Anyways, onto the movie. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by it, I was expecting to be disappointed. My expectations were crushed months ago when they decided to cast a 24 year old as the 12 year old Doon, the male lead alongside the female lead, Lina, who is meant to be the main-main character, it even says that on the wiki page for the novel… but it’s not made clear in the movie at all who’s the lead… Especially in the adverts, its cut to look like Doon is the main character…… GAH….I want to mega-rant about the huge errors they made… I do…. but later….later…

(Much more review below.)


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