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Desk Arrangement

August 14, 2008

This is currently what my desk looks like. Hardly a desk, more a display…. You might think that I have left hardly any room to move the mouse, but I manage well enough. lol. Click for a bigger pic if you wanna closer look at some of the figures.

I have now officially run out of room for figures… I would have to move most of the mini figures off my tall boy(the wardrobe thing on the left of my desk) to make more room….. and I don’t wanna…. but I’m going to Uni soon… so I’ll have even less room…. and transporting them will be a faff…. but I have the boxes for quite a few of the ones I’m taking. Thats another problem…. how the hell do I decide who to take???!!! I know there are at least 7 I feel that I **must** bring with me… but I feel bad leaving the others… and I’ll be away from them for so long…. and god knows what my parents will do to my room while I’m gone…. if they break ANY of them… they will be forced to buy new ones, and it won’t be easy, considering lots of my figures are discontinued….

And a quick pic of my darling cat! I’ll miss her so much when I’m at Uni….

Figure Costs – (HOLYOMFGCRAP) – How much have you spent?

July 20, 2008

I took the time today, to count up just how much I’d spent on figures. I did the bigger PVC figures first. Getting a job had really impacted how much I spend, which in some ways I’m glad on, in others, I could cry at how much I’ve spent on plastic girls (and a couple of boys) alone… I converted the totals into Yen and American Dollars aswell for those who don’t know Pounds very well. I counted 24 figures as ‘big’ This included Pocco and my Figma Haruhi, cos they cost more the prices of big figures anyways, even if they are smaller. (Although Haruhi standing next to Konomi-chan, theres only bout an inch in it, and Pocco is the same height roundabouts.)


How to choose?

July 15, 2008


When one has such a vast choice of DVD’s, how do you choose what to watch? Sometimes you just know what your in the mood for, but right now, I’m not sure at all…. Am I in the mood for a comedy? Thriller? A Kevin Smith movie? Geena Davis? John Cusack? Or anime? Oh its hard to choose….. And there’s nothing on TV tonight to distract me…. Of course I could always read a book, but normally I only read in the car/train/other time when I’m not surrounded by other things I could play with… And there’s another thing, my PS2 Slimline which I forked out money for, I’ve hardly used it!! Which is pathetic considering I went and bought Disgaea 1 & 2, La Pucelle Tactics AND Phantom Brave (FINALLY!) After years of waiting for the oppurtunity to play them alot! I havent! I tend to do that with games….(apart from with Pokemon & Harvest Moon) I finally get them and then hardly play them!!! Tis why I avoid buying games too often and stick to figures, dvd’s and books.

Anyways…. that was just a little rant to fill the space of where I just can’t choose what to watch/do/play/read etc

My Room of Tiny Women

July 13, 2008

I love that, the ‘room of tiny women’ thing. Cos it is what it is. Many, many tiny plastic women. All over my room… It’s quite sad really. But I love it! Now I will allow you to gaze upon the wonderous place that is my room. There be more recent piccies!! Ones I havent posted on yet.

(Updated pic) View to the upper left of me.

(Updated pic) View to the upper left of me.

In this shot you can see various things, some of which may intrest you, some of which may not. Like the probably 3 year old cup ramen thats sitting next to Balthier on the self above my figures and some of my DVD’s(which you can’t see very much in this shot) There are also some Playstation 2 games there too, and Pokemon videos lol. Videos of things I havent got on DVD yet cos its not available in the UK, and my little bro wud wanna watch it too, tis why I cant import it….:sob: Theres also an Angel Froggy from my Japanese Penpal Aya. You can also see some Chobits manga and a Momiji doll. Among other stuff. lol Some of my fave figures on that self. I reorganised a few days ago.


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