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International Saimoe League 2009

February 16, 2009


I saw some Saimoe 2009 stuff floating around the net, and thought I’d look into it. Apparantly the 64(don’t remember where I got 37 from….it was wrong…very wrong…far off lol) entrants have been chosen, and the voting starts on the 16th of March. I think I’ll cover the competition. Seems fun, and I wanna see how far the 12 girls I’m rooting for get. Read on to see who my picks are! And the schedule and whatnot.


My Room of Tiny Women

July 13, 2008

I love that, the ‘room of tiny women’ thing. Cos it is what it is. Many, many tiny plastic women. All over my room… It’s quite sad really. But I love it! Now I will allow you to gaze upon the wonderous place that is my room. There be more recent piccies!! Ones I havent posted on yet.

(Updated pic) View to the upper left of me.

(Updated pic) View to the upper left of me.

In this shot you can see various things, some of which may intrest you, some of which may not. Like the probably 3 year old cup ramen thats sitting next to Balthier on the self above my figures and some of my DVD’s(which you can’t see very much in this shot) There are also some Playstation 2 games there too, and Pokemon videos lol. Videos of things I havent got on DVD yet cos its not available in the UK, and my little bro wud wanna watch it too, tis why I cant import it….:sob: Theres also an Angel Froggy from my Japanese Penpal Aya. You can also see some Chobits manga and a Momiji doll. Among other stuff. lol Some of my fave figures on that self. I reorganised a few days ago.


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