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Clannad After Story – ep 2

October 11, 2008

After episode one let me down… I was sceptical over what they’d do next week. Now its come and gone.

I’m glad they had some of the robots bits this episode. It is what I look forward to most. I love the CG-combo animation and how smooth the girl’s hair and movements are.

And since I haven’t played the game, most of this stuff is still pretty cryptic for me. And I like it that way. Gives me something to look forward to. Otherwise, all this ‘fake love’ stuff is pretty uneccessary for me. It was a funny episode though. I laughed when I saw this;

I lol’d. I’m sure you did too hehe. I also love how Tomoya is blushing too, and Nagisa picks him up for it.

This is the new opening, I almost tear up just listening to those few bars at the start….

It’s based on a instrumental from the previous series and game right? Tis why I recognise it, I’m not crazy lol. EDIT: Got the original below;

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