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Saimoe Topaz Round 2 Results

April 17, 2009
Click for full size.

Click for full size.

Topaz round 2 results are out!! And several suprise wins have popped up…. Sayuri beating Louise? How??? Even I know Louise can beat Sayuri… so…. how? How did Rika lose aswell??? And Hanyuu….welll she was up against Mai from Kanon… so fair do’s. But still… weird none the less.

The rest is fairly so-so. Sad that Fuuko and Makoto lost ofc… but Fuuko stood no chance against Haruhi…

Results were taken from here. Go participate in the forums! Its fun! Honestly, otherwise I really wouldn’t be either lol. And the 3rd round starts in 12 hours time give or take 10 minutes lol. You vote HERE! (Remember to vote Fuuko and Makoto!!! And Chii, and Sakura… and Nagisa… Kotomi too! Ofc Kotomi… lol) Remember, the most important thing is to have fun!! (And don’t let Tomoyo win…..)

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