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Animu I’m watching~ Fabulous posing, PKing ass, lesbinums dancing, tsundere guys and fighting evil by moonlight.

September 17, 2014

(Firstly, I apologise for calling it animu, it’s a thing/in-joke.) So I’m watching a bunch of stuff right now.
Today alone I marathoned 10 eps of Jojo. Because it’s something I should have watched long ago.

do u even pose

As well as Jojo, there’s Hanayamata, Ao Haru Ride, Sword Art Online 2,(OFC) and the Sailor Moon remake. Which I’m not *that* into for various reasons.

Gun Gale Online is NOT my kind of game. It focusses on PK’s for a start. I avoid PKing like the plague XD

Sword Art Online 2 for me, started out a bit meh, but it’s got better, with the ‘whodunnit’-ness of it all. I LOVE conspiring against characters. And I still say Sinon’s would-be boyfriend/friendzoned guy friend is evil and has something to do with Desu Ganu(as he has become known to us). Though the talking and filler is bugging me… And seriously SAO, will you stop with the GRATUITOUS ASS?!?!? It’s like every 5 seconds, SINON ASS. It’s a running joke when I simul watch it. (Ass examples below the cut. Seriously. All from the same ep, and not the only times in the ep…)


To Heart 2 Uniform GET

December 9, 2008

After an unfortunately tripping incident(near one of the numerous building sites around campus, I tripped on a very random coil of wire in the middle of the road….) I really needed a boost like this. I got back and found I got a parcel.


It was one of 3 things. My zazzle tshirt had arrived, my Nono-chan had arrived, or my ToHeart 2 uniform had come. I thought it was too early for the order from China. It was only shipped on the 1st. To my joy though, it was the uniform!!! In its custom made glory!!


Doesn’t it look awesome???? The material feels like good quality, and it fits!! Which is the MOST important thing. Thank god I got my measurements right lol Otherwise it could have been BAD….. It needs a bigger bow, it would be a fine size for a shorter girl. But since i’m so tall the same size bow looks weird… so I’ll go on the hunt for some material later on. I’m so happy! I can’t believe I have it!! It was only shipped on the 1st! 8 days and I have it!! :woop:

Now pictures of me in it… untill I get long white socks, there will be none. I should be wearing it to the ‘Otaku night at the SU if I have the guts…. lol….

London Expo Cosplay

October 30, 2008

On sunday, I vowed to ignore the stalls(for the most part) and just get many, many photos. Which I did. Not all decent enough to post here, I need a better camera… I do….. GAH…. And beware… theres a shock at the end of the post….

There were game characters…

There were eroge characters! Which I was uber-happy about! (Misuzu!!!) I even saw some cosplayers of Shuffle and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru(I think…)

Manga/anime characters and more! (Love this Sakura’s outfit, hairs not right, but its still a great outfit.)

Rosette from Chrono Crusade.(I spelt Rosette right, right? She is Rosette….right? I’m too lazy to google all these characters I’m not sure of the names.) And some character from Bleach.

Apparantly a character from the Chronicles of Riddick.

Some of Danny-sans comrades. Only got a back shot of these while I was in the queue. I have other Trooper pics I believe…

Many more photos below the belt.


London Expo Weekend – Figures + Cosplay + More!

October 27, 2008

Expo has now come and gone. And so has over £250 of my money. But all to a very good cause!! Which you will see later on.

This is the first time I’ve been to both days of the Expo. Usually I just got for the sunday, cheaper travel and alot less people. I didnt realise just how many less people went on a sunday… Saturday was so busy….. too busy…. So busy I’m almost definately never going on saturday again…. We got to the Excel Center a little later than we wanted… because one of our group got lost.(They weren’t travelling with us to begin with, we met up at the hostel we stayed at.) So… we got there just before they should have stopped selling fast track tickets… but they’d stopped early…. so we had to join the MASSIVE normal entry queue….. which we were stuck in for just over an hour I think… might have been more… I can’t remember well… have blocked it from my mind….

After we got in the queue people continued to turn up… it was insane… And we didnt start moving properly for AGES…. it was so boring…

Getting closer… round the corner of the building lol

Finally…. So nearly there…. Along the way I did get some shots of random cosplay though. Not all bad being stuck in the queue.

Name that Twilight Princess character…. since I’ve forgotten her name… lol It’s a really awesome outfit though. Great headpiece.

Name that cosplay! I think they’re from Final Fantasy….12?


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep 6 “It’s…the Summer Comiket” – Review

August 17, 2008

I know…. I’m a bad person… I got lazy and skipped ep 5…. but it was mostly swimsuits ‘n’ stuff, not the most important of things. The purple haired gal is just trying to muscle in on Haruka’s turf is all…

Anyways, onto episode 6!!! Which takes place mostly at Comiket!! Yayness! I was really looking forward to this episode! And I was quite right too aswell! (Had a little trouble with the sizing… WP is having a little spaz…)

Many funny bits to come in this episode!! I lol’d alot.


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