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YES!!!!!!! Go Homura!!!! (Spoilers-desu)

March 2, 2011

Before… And see below the cut for the…


Please say I’m not the only one who’s thought it…

March 3, 2010

Its mainly the hair.... but still....

I can’t be the only one who has thought of the comparison between Depp’s Hatter & Carrot Top. Before his brief appearance in Scrubs I had no idea who he was, then he popped up in an ep of Family Guy lol. But barely any knowledge of this guy. Depp however… they’ve made him look scary… freaky….nightmarish…. and yet theres still swooning?! lol

Yeaah... HAWT XD

I hope all these tweens going to see the movie for him have NIGHTMARES HAHAHAHA! And much as I like/liked Burton flicks…(Sleepy Hollow still my favourite, his movies seem to get weirder-looking as the years go by…odd…) This Alice in Wonderland looks….loopy… its not the original story ofc, its a Alice-revisited story. Like the recent ‘SyFy’ Alice with the yummy Andrew Lee Pott’s as Hatter. Wasn’t a great version frankly… but which will I like better lol?

Anyways, might see this friday, 2D ofc. Why waste the money on 3D when so far, with every movie I’ve seen in 3D & then seen the 2D to compare, theres been no significant difference in enjoyment? If I don’t see AIW, I’ll see Legion for some Angel-awesomeness. 😀

And a few more scary pics I just found… they have deffo done something to his eyes.. made them a big bigger it looks like… and the green ofc… just….freaky scary….

Its actually properly nightmarish… I’ll need to look at some happy pics to get this out of my head…*shudder* Once again, I hope all you crazed Depp-loving tweeny-boppers(who, lets face it, probably don’t even know the story, Disney or Lewis Carroll original…) have nightmares!!

Surrogates – Review/gabble type thing. lol.

October 5, 2009
Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

I wanted to see Surrogates mostly because it looked like it had a cool plot. Living through a robot-you and all that. Of course it can make life as creepy as it is when guys are girls in MMO’s and vice versa. As you’ll see if/when you see the movie. I’d say it was worth it to see Brucey with hair and a scary smoothed out face. I hate when faces are smoothed out by CGI. Its creepy. I remember calling some RnB chick fuzzy lady cos they did it to her so much lol.


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