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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep 7 – “…I love it!” – Work has begun!

August 22, 2008

If you don’t already know, the great people at Moetaku have already started work on episode 7 of Haruka’s Secret!! And if you’ve been following this series you should really be looking forward to this episode!!!

Go here to check the updates.

The end of ep 6, I can't wait to find out what happens!!

The end of ep 6, I can

(That screen is from the lovely people at Random Curiosity by the way.)  I did do a stupid thing and watch the *very* beginning of ep 7 RAW….. I now know more than I wished I did….

Strike Witches ep 8 – Forget You Not – Preview: HERE COME THE BOYS!

August 21, 2008

FINALLY!! Some actual boys!! Not henchmen in the background! Actual boy characters!! I haven’t even watched it all yet. I just saw the beginning, titles and a little after, and A BOY!!! With a confession!! Oooooo I can’t wait to see the rest!! Of course this isn’t what the guys want, the guys will be wanting more girl-on-girl. Well TOO BAD!! Not today! (I think….)

Look!! A boy!!! A boy has invaded the Loli-kingdom!!

Look!! A boy!!! A boy has invaded the Loli-kingdom!!

A cute blonde boy!!

A cute blonde boy!!

I just love this expression!! It's priceless! And oh-so cute!!

I just love this expression!! It

Look boys! Theres some pantsu for you!!

Look boys! Theres some pantsu for you!!

I really don’t think theres much pantsu in this episode!! YAY! Maybe thats it, maybe they were over-compensating because they knew there wouldn’t be much pantsu in this episode!!

Anyways, more later.

My Hatsune Miku Nendoroid has finally shipped!!!

August 20, 2008

The Hatsune Miku Nendoroid which I ordered WAY back on the 31st of July has finally been shipped!!! This is the one that is currently discontinued and to be restocked in December, not the newer face version yet to be released. I was lucky to have ordered it when I did… cause it seemed to become listed as discontinued very soon after that…

Apparantly it was shipped about 3am UK time, don’t know what that is in Japan though…. either way, YAY! It’s finally on it’s way! And yay for the fact that I can track it!!!

And gosh-darn isn’t that pic of Miku just swell?! lol It’s sooo pretty!!! I posted the full size one so you didnt have to go all the way over to Moe Imouto lol.

Strike Witches ep 6 Solidarity – Teaser

August 7, 2008

Just posting this before I go to bed. Todays ep seems to have eased up on the fanservice.(Anything that could be construde as fanservice is tastefully; and I mean that, covered up, with careful rays of light or such like. It doesnt seem like blantent fanservice like some of the previous episodes have. The tone seems to have quietened. Good thing. And Sanya seems like a nice character. Probably why the tones quietened.

Three in a bed? And the little one said? ......

Three in a bed? And the little one said? ......

Sanya is the bottom left girl, holding the stuffed toy. Will be intresting to see how her story pans out.

AND, shows how much I’ve been paying attention… apparantly its 1944….. :doi: I honestly don’t remember seeing any other dates at the bottom of the screen untill now. Maybe in the first ep, but that was 6 weeks ago!! My memory ain’t fantastic lol.

EDIT: The end of the episode has a pretty moving bit and a nice piece of music, so if you cry easy, be prepared. The ed song is also probably my favourite so far, sung by, I assume, Sanya and Eila.

GSC Lucy Maria Misora – GET!!!

August 6, 2008

I got her!!! I finally got her!!!! She arrived today!! The site I ordered her from shipped her yesterday at about 1pm-ish!!! Looks like she was sorced from France going by the label on the back of the box. I am sooooo grateful to UP1! It might have taken up to 28 days!!! But I only ordered her last week! And here she is!!! Bigger than I thought too. Almost the same height as MF Haruhi. Taller than Konomi though, no suprises there, I think everyone of my standing PVC figures are taller that my little Konomi lol. (Oh, btw, I’m back lol)

Pretty box. Very pretty. The ‘Venus Idol Project AquaPlus Edition’ thing is very cute. (Was that on all boxes?) I looked on the AT-G site to see what it was all about. They’re (co-)responsible for the really cute To Heart mini figures. In that set theres a mini version of the GSC Konomi(that DannyChoo has) and a mini GSC Komaki, along with other little cuties, but not Lucy….


Wonfes Updates

August 3, 2008

Many many wonderful updates from this summers Wonfes can be found on Danny Choo’s site. Go look!! Now now!! NOW!!

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