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Witchblade – Mamiko ‘Masamune’ Noto

June 25, 2009

Mamiko Noto is the only reason I decided to watch Witchblade. Seriously. Only reason. Would never have bothered otherwise since its not usually my kinda thing. Though every now and then I give stuff like it a whirl, for a change of pace from all the moe and school girls.


Am on episode 10/11 now (started watching 11, but fell asleep bought half way through, due to it being almost 4am lol.) Finding Masamune very endearing. It may just be (more…)

Tare-Danny Tshirt Arrival!!

December 11, 2008

Today, for the 4th day running, I got another package!! I wonder if Nono will come tomorrow… doubt it… lol My brothers other dvd might come tomorrow though.

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

In this package was however, not a dvd, not a figure, not cosplay, but a tshirt! The most cutest awesomest tshirt in da world su!! Cuter than any tshirt I owned before! Designed by the lovely Chun! (Zazzle shop here!)


I went with the traditional white, I was worried the printing wouldn’t look as good on black, otherwise I would have got black lol. It’s a ‘ Basic American Apparel ‘  medium, mens, since I would have had to get an XL in womens to make it long enough…:sulk: Turns out, medium mens is still too big…. and I checked the measurements and everything lol. It’s not too-too big though. Can be worn out and not look like a pajama top lol.  More pics below….one of me modelling it too…


Wonfes Updates

August 3, 2008

Many many wonderful updates from this summers Wonfes can be found on Danny Choo’s site. Go look!! Now now!! NOW!!

List of Pure-Want : Part 1

July 31, 2008

Those long months of dying to get figures I could never get because I didnt have access to the websites are now OVER! Forever!! From now on, I am able to order and preorder my hearts (many) desires!! So, relating to that, I have compiled a list. A list of figures which are very easily available to me that I want or have wanted for ages but was not able to buy. I’ve listed them so the top priority is at the top. (Preorders are not in the list of priorities because they don’t have a chance of going out of stock like some of the ones that are in stock.) I will preorder the preorders that I want, then wait for them to be released, so they’re not a money problem right now.

I can only order from certain sights, not HobbySearch sadly… but HobbyLinkJapan has everything I want!! So it’s all good!! Now for the list!!! EDIT: I will be getting these one by one probably, as I get paid every two weeks lol. MF Haruhi should be here tomorrow, and Nendoroid Miku has been ordered!!

Senko no Ronde: Pec Champo 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

In first place on my list of Want we have the delectable Pec Champo. Who I first encountered on DannyChoo’s site. I just love her pose, her face, the bright pink see-through dress is adorable too!! And at £32, £37 with shipping, I must have her!!!! Finally!!!


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