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132,132 :)

May 7, 2010

I know, its not a real benchmark or anything, but its 132!! Even though the numbers meant nothing to me originally, but over the years I’ve grown to love them :3

132132 views. Thank you. There was a weird spike in daily views about a month ago when I got around 500 a day for 2 weeks-ish cos of my Digimon post… which was odd… not complaining, I just still have no clue why, as theres no pingback or links from anywhere to it x3

Ofc, in mini-celebration, heres some Chie Yoshioka :3 Some CG’s from TH2AD 🙂 My favourite ones.

I do wonder why there arn’t more ToHeart figures in swimsuits… plenty of the main girls yes, Konomi, Tamaki etc, even Yuki has one, but there are charcters who don’t have them. As a Chie fangirl, I just want more Chie figures lol XD

I wish eroge CG’s were higher res… 800×600 just isn’t good enough…. how do you make good wallpapers out of those? They’re so pretty they deserve higher res images… *grumble*

And Chie deserves more coverage :3 She’s adorable!! Such lovely green hair, like Tsuruya-san, similarly quirky I do believe too :3

Top Searches – Digimon

August 20, 2009

Well it seems the second top search word is Digimon lol. Nothing suspect here lol. The list is changing everyday though lol, pedobear seal of approvals in the top few today lol, wasn’t yesterday, might not be tomorrow. Who knows. I did a big digimon post a while back, here. On how its not just a Pokemon ripoff, it aint. It kicks ass. The games kick ass. Makes me wanna play Digimon Championship right now… Wanna play the original PS1 game though… and I has my original digimon tamagotchi, and a third season digivice. My mate has the first season orange digivice, lucky boy… orange ‘n all…

Cute pic. My fave part of the (western) Digimon movie is the first part.

Cute pic. My fave part of the (western) Digimon movie is the first part.


Digimon – Not just a Pokemon ripoff.

January 20, 2009

The original team. Google searched for it. There are a disturbing amount of shounen ai digimon couples....oh the fanart... I've got some to include later though 😀

Now when I say this, I really mean it. Though I love Pokemon the most, the Digimon(short for Digital Monster, if you didn’t know) franchise isn’t all bad. Sure the names of the Digimon themselves are ropey(cherrymon, garbagemon….you get the jist), and it did get released unfortunately after Pokemon, which was suspicious, but there are many-many plus points about it. The games for instance, and its tamagotchi-roots.


How many hours have we been watching???!!! :faints:

August 27, 2008

I have yet to work that out…. but I’ve worked out(approxamatly)how many episodes, OVA’s and anime movies I have watched over the years, starting with the Moomins on BBC2 in the morning when I was about 6. The full list can be found here, on a new page I made(called Anime Watch List), easier access than a blog post I thought.

The pic I've used for a wallpaper that I'm currently using.
The pic I’ve for my current wallpaper.

Isn’t Haruka-chan just lovely?!! So lovely…..

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