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How to Train Your Dragon – How to make an awesome movie about awesome dragons, more like :)

April 9, 2010

Lovely, lovely movie.

Saw this on Wednesday instead of seeing Chris Addison at the Norwich Playhouse, which sucked… parentals forgot I’d be home for the holidays, so didn’t get a ticket for me. BUT it gave me the chance to go to the cinema, and I hadn’t been for weeks, one of the things that sucks bout living in the countryside, you gotta drive/be driven to get ANYWHERE.

I loved it. It’s a wonderful movie, made me smile sooo much. I remember seeing the trailer god knows how long ago, and thinking it looked cool, right after I played the ‘How to raise a dragon‘ mini game on Armor Games. Thought the dragon looked adorable. The dragon in question being ‘Toothless’, a Night Fury. Apparantly the scariest of all dragons because no ones ever seen one and lived to tell the tale.

How adorable is that? I mean really, Toothless is damn adorable... I want a toy of it....him I thinks...

More pics below the cut. After seeing the movie I became a tad obsessed with tracking down a plushie or toy, just something!!


On the road again! + New Goodies!

April 17, 2009


On the way to norwich today there was epicly dangerous and downright stupid driving. Some idiot was tailgating some other idiot who pulled out in front of us just minutes before, and kept flashing him for ages untill he was able to pass him. After which is spent 10 minutes driving right in front of the car that wouldn’t give into his flashing and tailgating… complete tosspots… this is a prime example of why I don’t care for driving lol. Can’t be arsed to learn yet…… Anyways…. nuff ranting about driving. Onto today’s goodies!!


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