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Zoo Trip – With an agenda ~ (Evil jumping monkey vid added)

April 1, 2010

Usually I’ll just go to the Zoo for the sake of going to a Zoo, granted I’ve only ever been to two different Zoo’s my entire life… both situated in East Anglia… I think my little brothers been to London Zoo, but I didn’t for some reason… not sure where I was….

I love this duck. I do. It was the one stand out animal there. No clue why.

(Is it bad I wanna name the duck Denzel or Derek lol?) Anyways, yush, I had an actual reason for going. A good one. But I don’t particularly like to talk about ‘stuff’ I’m working on till its done/nearly done. Which is really helpful on the course I’ve been on, cos they make you report back/present stuff every 5 seconds pretty much… I hate presentations… scourge of the education system… I don’t plan on doing any presenting later in life, I plan to be the one sitting in a dark room doing the work lol, other people can present for me, thats what I like to think anyways…


Do Squirrels eat Curly Wurlies?

January 18, 2009
Well do they? These squirrels were insanely tame lol.

Well do they? These squirrels were insanely tame lol.

Today I went round with a friend who was doing the photo work I did on friday, using the big ol’ SLR camera’s. (My grandad on my fathers side loved camera’s, according to my father, there are some in the barn, with lots of lens and stuff. My dad is gonna have a look for me, will be cool, even if it is older, still an SLR!!) So, after the park… we went to the castle gardens, and got ambused by squirrels… really tame ones… I wish I hadn’t eaten all my Curly Whirlie…. but Katie had one left!! So we started experimenting…


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