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An Edwardian Butler?

October 18, 2009

Last…..I’m not sure when actually, we got given our characters for this year. I pulled ‘Obstinate Butler’ from the bowl of impossible things. But not only a Butler, he has to be.. Edwardian… Which is a freakin’ vague era, Victorian would have been so much more obvious lol. BUT since most Butlers look alot alike, I’ve got it easy, my other teammates(super happy with my teammates btw :woop: I was lucky. Sooo lucky!), not so easy. Ladies and Heads of the House, Maids n got knows what.

As I sit here eating Monster Munch with my left hand and trying not to get my keyboard greasy, I present to you my preliminary sketches. I took obstinate to be obstinant, which I thought was grumpy, unwilling, that kinda thing, thankfully I was right, so it didn’t put  a kibosh on my plans. I want him kinda slimey and slinky, so tall n lanky are a must imo.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

More pages below the cut.


Kotobukiya Tamaki Kousaka Maid ver. 1/8th PVC figure – The every-otaku review.

November 21, 2008

(See what I did? Like ‘every-man’ only I made it ‘every-otaku’ because we’re otaku lol. And by ‘every-otaku’ I mean those of us who don’t have uber-awesome camera’s and a wicked photoshoot set up lol. The basic, no-holes-barred view of the figure. No fancy lighting….:sob:)

Today I’ll be looking at the 1/8th Maid version Tamaki Kousaka figure by Kotobukiya. I have 6 more reviews to post after this one lol. I had a mass photoshoot a couple of days ago lol.


First off, she is a mighty fine figure. She looks great. Has a great figure, great paint job, great hair, great everything. Even the chair is awesome. The so-called wood at the front of the chair could be better. But frankly your not gonna notice that if your looking at this figure.


She has great pegs. And such lovely feet! (Which you will see a bit later.) And stockings!! Gotta love the stockings, or knee socks, anything like that is awesome on a figure.


Her legs look so great… and they got shape! So pretty. AND I just noticed, painted finger nails! Pink!



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