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Figure Tower Update

December 24, 2008


This was taken before I got Tsuruya-san and Nono Nekomiya. But its still expanded since last time. And there are more figures at Uni than at home now… not sure how that happened lol.

Christmas tomorrow!!! :wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: I wonder if I’ll be able to get to sleep at a decent time… I know I’m gonna be watching ‘The Ice Harvest’ at about midnight, till 2ish. I wouldn’t be asleep before then anyways hehe, after that I’ll probly watch a bit of AMB season 2.

Now some Christmas themed pics, including some from my favourite series! (To Heart 2 included lol) All come from a Moe Imouto search.


News & Late pick ups

December 21, 2008

Today, I got something I’ve wanted to get for a long time. The domain name It’s been a dream since… probably my powerpets days to own my username domain name. .com,, whichever. But I decided .com was the best way to go first, I might get later on. I’ve got it redirected to my blog at the moment. One day I’m sure I’ll make the transaction to and I can use it for that. None of this would have been posible if it weren’t for xJaymanx and Koshiko. I couldn’t have got this far without their help and nudges in the right direction lol. So thank you both! Soooooo much!!! I don’t know how I can ever repay you!

As for my late pic ups, I downloaded the first episode of Ef Tale of Melodies when it was released, earlier in the season, but like a few others, I didn’t get round to watching it. One day, a week or so ago, I finally got round to watching it, and decided to download a few more episodes, and began to enjoy it, even though its a bit dark and depressing. I’ve got all the episodes up to date now, and am just watching them. Am on episode 8 now.


(High(er) res version available here.) I’ve got the first Ef series, Tale of Memories, backed up ready to watch, have done for months now, after I remembered seeing one of the episodes late in the  series and being intrigued. I also liked the art style, same character designer that worked on Da Capo apparantly. It is apparant, but I didn’t see it at first lol.


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