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Xecty ~ Goddess of the Wind

September 28, 2010

She arrived just in the nick of time really, just before I came back to Leicester on sunday. She arrived in a huuuuge box. Biggest box I’ve got through the mail I think hehe. Biggest figure box too I think… she seems bigger than 1/6th scale, in my opinion, but I don’t have as many 1/6th as I do 1/8th, so could be wrong. Definately my biggest figure to date though.
I’ll have to box her back up for transporting on sunday, but I couldn’t not open her XD She’s too pretty. She is magnificent. A fine specimen. She’s got a great figure for a figure XD Tony Taka art is good like that, they’re not scarily Clamp thin lol.

Such a cute face 🙂 I do love Tony Taka artwork, ecchi though it may be XD


How many figures will a 360 Elite buy?

January 9, 2009
Image comes from Amazon

Image comes from Amazon

One of my biggest dilemma’s over the past year or so is, whether or not I should buy an Xbox 360. xJaymanx suggested I make a post about it, so I did, hehe. When I get one, it’ll almost definately be an Elite… So about £230 for the console itself, not in a bundle, in a bundle deal it would probably be like… £245, £260… I’m not worried about the games that would come in the bundle, since they’d be crap ones, probably sport games that the shop couldn’t shift on their own. I’m going by Gamestation, Amazon, GAME prices, since they’d be the places I’d most likely get one. So… onto the question… how many figures that I really want, not impulse buys, can a 360 Elite buy?


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