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Dakimakura – GET!

April 26, 2009

Ahhhh it is a glorious day!! Even if it is the day before the due date of some coursework lol. Tis the day when I can tick off ‘Dakimakura cover’ off my ‘Otaku-Must-have’ list!!

Ahhh pretty Estel. I love my Koto figure of her.

Ahhh pretty Estel. I love my Koto figure of her.


London Expo Cosplay

October 30, 2008

On sunday, I vowed to ignore the stalls(for the most part) and just get many, many photos. Which I did. Not all decent enough to post here, I need a better camera… I do….. GAH…. And beware… theres a shock at the end of the post….

There were game characters…

There were eroge characters! Which I was uber-happy about! (Misuzu!!!) I even saw some cosplayers of Shuffle and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru(I think…)

Manga/anime characters and more! (Love this Sakura’s outfit, hairs not right, but its still a great outfit.)

Rosette from Chrono Crusade.(I spelt Rosette right, right? She is Rosette….right? I’m too lazy to google all these characters I’m not sure of the names.) And some character from Bleach.

Apparantly a character from the Chronicles of Riddick.

Some of Danny-sans comrades. Only got a back shot of these while I was in the queue. I have other Trooper pics I believe…

Many more photos below the belt.


Meimi is not a happy bunny…..

July 16, 2008

I am being dragged out of bed at some ungodly time in the morning cos stupid builder-people are cutting off access to our toilet, and she wants to go into the city to get away… So instead of being able to stay in bed till 11ish, I’m having to be up now, at 8:30…… ARGGGGG!!!!! I’ve told my mother I will probly be grumpy all day because of it…. she should be prepared…….:death glare:

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