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SLR Practice

January 25, 2009

(Please note, this is not a digital camera I’m using. I’m using a plain old fashioned Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-100mm.(I think thats its name, if not, its Nikon F65 lol) No screen, no iso controll I know of…. that I’ve been taught of… if there is, someone tell me lol.)

Yesterday I’d got round to scanning my best SLR pics from the first shoot, from Castle Gardens. And the next set I did over yesterday and today I got on CD aswell as 6×4″ photos, so no scanning needed lol.

The first pics I’m gonna post are the scanned photos, my favourites at any rate. And this was my first time fiddling with an SLR camera. So I’m suprised more of them weren’t blurry or complete rubbish lol, only a few of the 72(2×36 exp) came out bad lol.

One of my favourites I think.

Probably one of my favourite pics. Because I got the flower in the center in focus but not all the rest, which was my aim lol. I think...


January Loot Part 1 – Makoto & Shana

January 5, 2009

Today I got two of my 3 expected girlies! Makoto Sawatari, the most expensive figure I’ve bought to date, and one I’ve wanted ever since seeing Kanon(2006) and figure reviews of her and being taunted by its rarity…

Who's inda box?

Who's inda box?


Max Factory Makoto Sawatari – To get or not to get, that, is the question…

December 21, 2008

I have… finally found a place where Makoto is in stock…. only problem is, she’s about £58. And the most I’ve spent on any figure is £40… I know I’ll have to step up the price bracket sometime… specially with the recession…. but £58 for a 1/8th scale, fairly small figure. About 17.5cm apparantly, I know she’s bending over though lol, she’s taller than Ayu, and Ayu(also available on this site) costs more… I want her too….:sob: I’m so glad I’ll have christmas money soon…. will solve many figure issues….

From HappySoda

From HappySoda

From Howagirlfigures

From Howagirlfigures

From Mukyaa

From Mukyaa

What I want to know is, would you (or did you pay more or less than) £58, or £88 dollars roundabouts, for this figure? I know she’s pretty hard to get, and she’s gorgeous AND my favourite Kanon character, AND its Max Factory, so quality is assured, and on all the reviews I’ve seen, she’s just lovely… but is £58 more than its worth? Or have some of you paid more for similar sized figures?

Reviews for her available on Mukyaa, HappySoda and Howagirlfigures.


An image of Makoto and the darling Nayuki.(I want the Resinya figure of her… 1/6th scale… saw her for £55 at an expo… more than I was prepared to pay at the time sadly….) From Moe Imouto. Full size is supplied here.

Tsuruya-san = SHIPPED!

November 6, 2008

FINALLY! She’s on her way!! I chose SAL shipping this time, as opposed to EMS like I used for my Hatsune Miku Nendo. Least I’ll be able to find out how long SAL takes. I’m hoping about 2 weeks…. Thats an optimistic estimate right? It’s 7-45 days usually. I’ll just have to wait and see…. Here are some pics from Danny-sans Tsuruya-san article for your viewing pleasure.



I can’t wait for her to get here!! I preordered her before I even knew about my namesakes(Emiri)head being included! I may invest in a Mikuru so I can have Emiri on display too…. I’m still waiting on Haruka Nogizaka to be shipped from Up1. I’m guessing they haven’t got it yet. Which is fine. I’m in no real hurry lol.

Busou Shinki Studio

October 21, 2008

Got round to playing with the BS Studio a couple of days ago. Didn’t do too much, as it was late, just took a while to download the updates is all…

I’ve been buried in Uni work atm, lots to do. Like 7 hours of drawings from still life. And a flip book. And an essay we can’t actually write yet because we don’t know nearly enough about this ‘Limey’ movie.

This is just a tester I made very quickly in Photoshop. First time I’ve used photoshop in years literally… Haven’t used it since I was like 13-14ish at school. And that was only a trial version. I’ve used programs like photoshop for years though. So I’m competant with it so far.

Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure Review – Kotomi-GET!!

October 15, 2008

‘The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds. Like the traces of the heart, no halt to the places.’

A quote found on the back of the box. From the song ‘Ana’ off the Clannad soundtrack. I never really liked the song, but recognised the lyrics from the beginning and from one episode….

Today I got my Kotomi!! I ordered her late-late monday night, she was shipped on tuesday, and arrived today via Parcelforce!! I finally caved… I know I should be saving money for the London Expo… but I have no clue if Kotomi will be available at the Expo… And I didn’t wanna miss out on getting her. I missed out on Fuko on the site… was not gonna miss out Kotomi… And since there is only one Kotomi Ichinose review on the web that I could find, and it’s on a foreign site, that doing my own would be ok. Took loads of pictures and got a decent amount of decent ones.

Isn’t she cute??!! The photo’s on the other review didnt make her look good, too close some of them, but when you see her in real life she’s sooo cute sweeter! So much like Kotomi in the series!(Clannad for those who don’t know lol.)

Without the props.

Without the props.

Isn’t she darling?! And I’m getting better with the camera I think…. it helps that the lighting in the room was good too. Seeing her like this just makes me wanna rewatch Clannad all over again!! But I’ve got so much to watch!!

Kotomi-chan to the side.

Kotomi-chan to the side.

I hope these photos make you all go out and buy her while you still can! Because she’s totally worth getting! (More pics below here!!!)


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