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Fraulein Revoltech Rin Tohsaka – My 1st Figure Prize :D

July 20, 2010

On Friday I got a big surprise in the post. My Rin Tohsaka Fraulein that I won from Akihabaka had arrived. WAAAAY earlier than anticipated XD. It was only posted 4 days previously. Canada to England in 4 days, not using any fancy expensive kinda postal service. Just normal post. How the hell did it get here so fast? o.O I think its Canada, last time I got something from Canada it got here really quickly too XD. Love Canada ❤


Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Movie Ver.

May 7, 2009


I am very glad I didn’t get the first Yoko to be released. This one is much improved. The face is nicer. Her yoko-pai’s are not droopy anymore. And you get better accesories. More pics below the cut.


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