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Snack Update – I haven’t eaten it all yet. And more has come.

May 15, 2016


So a while ago I posted the pics of the Dagashi set 2 and the Fukubukuro box from Freedom Japanese Market… I still haven’t finished it all. And the Discovery Box from Candysan arrived last week…. and then the April Subscription box from FJM arrived yesterday… so much like a backlog of TV or anime… I have a backlog of candy and snacks…. not that I’m complaining. I’d love nothing more than to stuff my face with it all very quickly. But I’m trying to be good. I refused to start the Dagashi set 2 until I’ve finished set 1. And I still had 2 things left when I did start it I think… and I still have stuff from my FJM sample box too… maybe 1 or 2 things… (more…)

Gundam Breaker 3 – This game is going to ruin me

May 8, 2016
The backpack is currently clipping through the wings, but it's worth it XD

The backpack is currently clipping through the wings, but it’s worth it XD

So because of Build Fighters, we got back into building Gunpla, and subsequently I heard about this game getting an English Asian release… and Rice Digital stocking it…(Super out of stock now I’m afraid. They did say it’d be very limited!) things happened, stuff got added to baskets. Long story short. I bought the game. I have no regrets. Apart from the fact we now have to fight over PS4 time. Part of me wishes I bought it for the Vita too. But I figured it’d look cooler on the big TV. Which is does. Very much so. But as I’m typing, the husbando is playing. Fair enough I spent close to 4 hours playing earlier. But he got to play all of yesterday while I was at work. So he’s ahead of me. When I bought the game! He didn’t even want it…


Viva Pinata

June 15, 2009


I first played Viva Pinata a few years ago around a friends house. Spent hours on it, addicted from the onset. I really shouldn’t be let near addictive sim games… Harvest Moon… Animal Crossing… those kinds…. I waste hours and hours on these types of games, and buy multiple versions of whats basically the same game with a few added bits. Sometimes not even extras… I bought Viva Pinata on the PC when I first got addicted, but alas, no 360, so had to settle for the PC version, still awesome. Tho on my slow-ass computer it wouldn’t run nicely… much like Sims 2 wouldn’t on my old laptop… runs ok on this one. (Thats another game I shouldnt have been let near…)


London Expo – 3 DAYS!!!!

October 22, 2008

This saturday the autumn London Expo starts!! A weekend sure to be filled of geekism and otakument!! I’ve been…:counts:… 3 4 times? I think its 4… once when I was 13…. then 15…. then twice in the last year. (Since I got my job.) (For those who don’t know, its a bit scifi convention.)

For the first time I’m going on both days, staying in London!! :woop: Usually I only got sunday, because it’s less busy. I probably miss out on alot though…. I will find out what saturdays are like. Meant to be way busy….not fun, but more merchendise = FUN!!! Anyways, anime society meet now. Then I’m going to see Mirrors….:shudder:

MyMiniCity – Hachiko!!

August 19, 2008

I made one of this minicity things a while back, and have forgotten to check it for quite a bit lol. I named it Hachiko after my towns in Animal Crossing. I always name them Hachiko after the dog in Shibuya. (Tis the fault of ‘Super Gals!’.(Or just Gals! if you’ve read the manga, extremely girly lol)

I would just like more people to visit it, so the crime rate goes down, and the transportation gets better, and the population increases! It’s only a click a day. Shame you can’t do it more than once every day really… but the biggest cities are really impressive, tis insane how they get them that big lol.

Here are the links then, to increase Transport click here, to increase Security click here, to increase population click here and to increase the Industry click here. Mucho thankies if you do. Right now my Crime rate is 7%…. because I neglected to check, so that the most important to get sorted. But I’m sure if just a few people visit it will get better right away!! Population is always most important, unless you have unemployment issues… I dont right now so it’s all good!!

And if you already have one, comment here and I’ll visit yours too!!

Gaia Rejected Olympics 2008

July 21, 2008

Intially, I was a bit wary of the Gaia Olympics, I didnt think it was gonna be too much fun. But boy was I wrong!!! The games you play are like WarioWare minigames!!! Which are awesome!!! My Average Overall Score right now, as of this moment is 9.27, which I thought was damn good seeing as I havent been playing too long!!!

I suggest all those who have accounts, go join in(And join Team Barton! The Original Gaia Town!!) And those who don’t have accounts, sign up NOW and join in!!!!!!! Just don’t join a Team and sit there and do nothing, thats why the Team average is so low right now, damn mule accounts….(For those of you who don’t know, Gaia is a mix of MMORPG, forum and mini games n such. It’s been going since 2003(Woooooo)and is mega-awesome!!!)


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