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1/144 Blaze Zaku Phantom

October 3, 2009

Now this kit isn’t nearly as posable as the others I have. Its an Ungraded Low Articulation. Didn’t realise just how low lol, but he’s still gorgeous now he’s (almost) finished. Almost because I’m pondering whether or not to paint the back thruster/missile launcher bits the right greys. He looks awesome as it, with the grey/black backpack and white thruster bits with some black marker for the panel lines. The trickiest bit for him was the piping around his waste. Doing detail that small is o fun with a gundam paint marker, specially as it spreads. I need one of those gundam-marker-remover-pens really lol. Will look into it sometime.

As you can see. It’s another Zaku. Continuing my trend of NO GUNDAM lol.


Many more pics  below the cut! I keep forgetting to put this in… whats wrong with me? Bah….


Gelgoog-otousan Complete

September 10, 2009
Finally got outside to take some pics before the sun started to dim.

Finally got outside to take some pics before the light started to dim.

 Finished off using a dark grey Gundam Marker (GM38), grey artist brush pen(with lots of pigment in the ink), black 0.05 pigment pen and flat matt plastic varnish, or more commonly to gunpla makers, topcoat. Of course the dry transfers too, applied before the topcoat was, thougth that’d be best.


Gundam Markers GET!

September 9, 2009
Sieg Zeon!!

Sieg Zeon!!

Last week I ordered me some Gundam Markers, the Zeon set from Gundam Mad*, seeing as Zeon’s rock most, obviously lol. And I gots em today! :woop!: When I looked to see what kinda nib it was I was like, ‘uwhaaaa?’ and had no clue what to do with em lol. But then I remembered the guide thing I found here, on Chubbybots blog. His tutorial on removing the nubs is brilliant too. Helped me no end. Though I still need to get some Tamiya Polishing Compound, no worries though, since I know where I can buy it online lol, since its illegal here hehe. More below the cut!! Go on, you know you want to!! lol


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