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Guess the Fuzzy Gundam Crotch!!!

September 29, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah…. I know… they’re technically not gundam(which does narrow it doesnt for you lol), but ‘Guess the Fuzzy Mobile Suit Crotch!!’ just doesnt roll off the tongue in the same way, now does it??

Crotch #1

Crotch #1

Crotch #2

Crotch #2

(In my head I’ve been typing it like Joey says things in the ep of Friends where he’s auditioning for a gameshow host job. Bamboozled ftw. Wicked Wango card and wotnot lol. Love it.)

(I had to find it, just had to. For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before(SHAME ON YOU).)

Anyways! Back to the plot. No ofc I’m not really getting you to guess which MS crotch that is! Or am I? 😀 I’m an enigma, wrapped in mystery, wrapped in pasted, baked in a pie! And flat packed at Ikea lol. (Tis like 3:30am here, forgive my slightly odd/hyper rants lol, probly the matt varnish fumes hehehhehe.)

Tis a teaser for my MS. Which? You’ll see. When? Who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe I’ll forget altogether and post another gundam crotch guessing game lol.

Peace out.

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

(The above pic was taken while I was switching nendo bodies round and having a general fiddle with the setup. I love this. Its just so…so wrong…. in so many ways. lol

Gelgoog-otousan Complete

September 10, 2009
Finally got outside to take some pics before the sun started to dim.

Finally got outside to take some pics before the light started to dim.

 Finished off using a dark grey Gundam Marker (GM38), grey artist brush pen(with lots of pigment in the ink), black 0.05 pigment pen and flat matt plastic varnish, or more commonly to gunpla makers, topcoat. Of course the dry transfers too, applied before the topcoat was, thougth that’d be best.


Gundam Markers GET!

September 9, 2009
Sieg Zeon!!

Sieg Zeon!!

Last week I ordered me some Gundam Markers, the Zeon set from Gundam Mad*, seeing as Zeon’s rock most, obviously lol. And I gots em today! :woop!: When I looked to see what kinda nib it was I was like, ‘uwhaaaa?’ and had no clue what to do with em lol. But then I remembered the guide thing I found here, on Chubbybots blog. His tutorial on removing the nubs is brilliant too. Helped me no end. Though I still need to get some Tamiya Polishing Compound, no worries though, since I know where I can buy it online lol, since its illegal here hehe. More below the cut!! Go on, you know you want to!! lol


1/144 MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type

September 5, 2009

This Zaku is my 4th gunpla kit!! And after looking at guides, and how-to stuff, I went as all out as I could at this time, (since I can’t get ahold of any weathering stuff where I live, have to order online, same for polishing compound, though I’ve been told, something called ‘Brasso’ will do ok on plastic, but I don’t think it’d do the same thing I want that I’ve seen in guides.

Anyways, this is the final product so far, I wanna get some Tamiya weathering stuff to make her look extra funky. Not sure if its a she or he yet… I mean… it does have a skirt lol… but it has a bigass gun to make up for the femininity lol. Its about 13cm tall, I think its a bit shorter than my 1/144 Gelgoog, but just as cool. Still like Gelgoog more. Now I need a Char’s Zaku.. pink ftw!!

Oh, and atm, I’ve got the tubing on the backpack stuck in the holes with whitetack, since it didnt seem to wanna stay put on its own, same for the antenna. Posted these pics on too. Spreading the love! lol

My desk is a total mess... currently using my computer on my bed.


1/200 HCM Pro Zaku Warrior

August 30, 2009

My little loot from my trip to Norwich on saturday. And technically I only bought Zaku, cos ‘Cat Paradise’ was in a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones, and my brother was buying Haruhi manga(I did warn him it ain’t the same though…) I thought £6.95 was a bit much, but the Japanese packaging was too much to pass up, I woulda bought any of the Mobile Suits, was very much an impulse buy. But I recently found out I am, what you’d call, a Zeonist, a fan of the 1-eyed Mobile Suits, Gelgoog, Zaku, Dom’s(whatever Dom’s are… will have to search that lol). 1500 yen on HLJ. Still in stock atm lol, released in 2005 originally.


An itty-bitty gundam! So very tiny at just 9cm in height! About the same height as a Nendoroid, tiny bit shorter me thinks. More past the cut!


MS-14B/C Gelgoog Canon – Part 1

May 27, 2009

On sunday night, I started building my newest Gelgoog, a 1/100th scale Master Grade, biggest so far. Today is wednesday. I haven’t been building it every waking hour of the day.

Sunday night I made part of the arms and the head. Was very late, so didn’t get much done.


Oh, I also found a nice little tool set, with a pair of side clippers like I needed, and better file than I had, plus some tweezers and a needle file. Didn’t get anything done monday cos I wanted the tools before I continued. Few more pics below.


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