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Gundam Breaker 3 – This game is going to ruin me

May 8, 2016
The backpack is currently clipping through the wings, but it's worth it XD

The backpack is currently clipping through the wings, but it’s worth it XD

So because of Build Fighters, we got back into building Gunpla, and subsequently I heard about this game getting an English Asian release… and Rice Digital stocking it…(Super out of stock now I’m afraid. They did say it’d be very limited!) things happened, stuff got added to baskets. Long story short. I bought the game. I have no regrets. Apart from the fact we now have to fight over PS4 time. Part of me wishes I bought it for the Vita too. But I figured it’d look cooler on the big TV. Which is does. Very much so. But as I’m typing, the husbando is playing. Fair enough I spent close to 4 hours playing earlier. But he got to play all of yesterday while I was at work. So he’s ahead of me. When I bought the game! He didn’t even want it…


New Detolf & New Matcha & New Anime

April 13, 2016

combo pic

So last week I got to go to Ikea, and finally get a second Detolf 😀 (amongst other things, like shelves and cutlery).

I also caved and got some more matcha, which was in the last post. But today I caved and opened it. Which I’m glad I did.

And the past couple of weeks all the new anime has started, and I’ve tried almost everything new out, even the shorts. Haven’t decided to pick many up though… so far anyway.


HG Sazabi 1/144 – Codename; ‘Chunky Bugger’

March 30, 2016
He is definitely the biggest of all my 144's...

He is definitely the biggest of all my 144’s…


Otacool 3 – Workspaces

May 2, 2010

Its that time of year folks! Time to get your camera’s charged and at the ready! For submissions for Otacool 3 are open 🙂 This Otacool is all about workspaces :), be they at work or at home, but more often than not, its gonna be where your computer is situated XD, unless you’re Chun… where ‘workspace’ entails so much more than just a computer :3 Go here to see what I mean if you don’t already know 😀

Before a slight rearrangement.

My entry for Otacool 3 has been posted up to Might change some of the pictures… might not… will see… fading light is such a bitch sometimes XD But its there. Only posted a few pics here, not final ones either, the proper ones are on

Can ya guess what I was watching/had on TV while taking these pics? XD

On a side note, some awesome news regarding Danny Choo!! His TV show is definitely going ahead and we’ve got new details about it :DD For fullsome details, do visit this page 😀

HG 1/144 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Version

October 2, 2009
Ikimashou ka?

Ikimashou ka?

Now this, is a gunpla I’d wanted for godknows how long. Its pink for crying out loud!! Pink!!! I remember seeing one DannyChoo, I thought it was a modded version, but then later on I found out it wasn’t! And it was a kit like any other! Only PINK!!! Many more pics below!! (After the cut now.)


Harper’s Island

September 30, 2009
My two favourite characters of the show. Really just Cal, but they're such a sweet couple!!

My two favourite characters of the show. Really just Cal, but they're such a sweet couple!!

Ok ok…. I caved…. caved like another of my friends lol…. Watched eps 9,10,11,12 and 13 of Harper’s Island today, great deal of fuss and palava finding them to download though, would have been happy enough watching streams, but megavideo sucks ass with its 72 minute rule… SUCKS ASS!!! But I found a new way. A faster way. Faster that crappy ass torrents, as this place is evil and something about it blocks torrents, so I get the little red mark at the bottom bar saying ‘no incoming connections’ yet it still runs to over 100kbps at some points, but not often enough….stuck below the 10kbps mark for too long…. just long enough to make me go loopy. So, I wrote a little review/rant on the Harper’s Island region 1 DVD on, cos I felt I had to rant a little about this superb little series. A diamond in the rough as it were. Sure some will complain over bits n pieces, my dad especially about ‘script clunkers’ which I didn’t notice lol. I dont mind if the writings predictable/cheesy/cliche, it did the job, and did it very well indeed. Didn’t see the killer coming. At all. The twists and turns were brilliant. And I implore to watch it if you haven’t already.

My little review thing;


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