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Happy New Year! + Sometimes Neo makes me sad…

January 1, 2010

First off, Happy New Year. I’ve never made a fuss about it, seems like an overblown holiday which ends up being pretty lame anyways lol. It’s probly my families fault, we’re not the most social, and never went to any New Years parties or such like.

I know, its a xmas pic, but its cute, and Rozen Maiden-related. So there.

Onto the more pressing matter. Of that sometimes Neo makes me sad…. I got the new issue(its a magazine if you don’t know, which you probably don’t lol) this morning, 67, and its the 2010 preview issue. And the preview for next years anime releases in the UK…. its sad…. because we’re sooooooooooo far behind everywhere else it seems…. for instance, Naruto Shippuden, only just getting released. We haven’t even got Ponyo yet…. And I cudda sworn Rozen Maiden had already been released here, but NO. Just the manga. The anime is being released this coming March. The anime version of Romeo n Juliet too, February. Code Geass R2 aswell. We only got the first season last year… same for Gurren Lagann. We’re so far behind! Its bloody depressing living here sometimes. Its the same with games…. :sigh: No wonder so many are drawn to the bad side….downloading n’ wotnot…

Happy (Belated) New Year! ‘Party’ pics & more.

January 1, 2009
Happy New Year! (Click for full size, girl comes from ChuxChu btw)

Happy New Year! (Click for full size, girl comes from ChuxChu btw)

Last night, for the first time I think, I spent New Years with someone other than my family. We’ve never celebrated New Years ever. It’s just never been something we make a fuss of. So! I spent it with 5 of my friends. Would have been 8, but 3 had prior commitments to other party-type-affairs. Ours didn’t really end up being a party so much, just the usual gathering of friends, games, fun. We didn’t even drink much. We had this much……


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