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Endless Eight – Really Endless?!?

July 10, 2009

Seriously… how could they think this was a good idea, 3 episodes fine, 4 maximum, but stretching it to 5!!! COME ON!!

Dammit Kyon! Stop looking dazy and hot and figure it out already!!!

Dammit Kyon! Stop looking dazy and hot and figure it out already!!!

Below is a complation of screenshots of likely clues about the solution to Endless Eight, and all my comments on DC regarding my disgruntlement and semi-outrage at the coming and going of another new ep of Haruhi with NO RESOLUTION! Just some hints at what Haruhi wants to do… Its almost worse than trying to figure out what the hells going on in Lost lol.


Kyon Fanservice

June 20, 2009
It's wallpaper size too. LOL

It's wallpaper size too. LOL

Am I the only one cheering for more?

Am experiencing a bit of computer trouble at the mo, so will be online even less than I already am for however long it takes to fix said trouble. It might just be the overheating has finally got to it… or dust in the fan… or a combination of both lol. Just thought I’d post this in the meantime, I lol’d. Am glad of some boy-based fanservice for once in a while. (Without suffering through any BL or Yaoi that is.)

Might aswell also state the problem, in case anyone who reads this can help. It started happening very infrequently, once or twice in the space of 24 hours and then not again for days even. (This all started happening when I came home… I blame my brothers bad vibes… he kills technology with them…) Then last night, it started BSODing very frequently. Not sure what set it off…, but every time I tried to dl an ep of Haruhi to show my little brother and it kept BSODing then…. but its just a blank blue screen. No text indicating the problem. And that is the main problem, cos I got no clue whats wrong. Even tried a registry scanner thing, and it decided to BSOD then too…. If you can help, and want more info, comment so and I shall provide such info. Thank you in advance.

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