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Haruhi Season 2 has begun!!!!

May 21, 2009


It has begun!! Actar made us aware via his DC news item! So very grateful! Otherwise I’d have no clue lol.

Hopefully a fansub should be released later today… since it is Haruhi after all, and theres been pretty much a 3 year gap… Is this the longest gap between seasons for any show or anime?

Actar also provided links for some other screenshots of the first episode, entitled Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. I will only post one other picture, because it reminds me of other Kyoani works.

I wonder just how many other blogs will report on this… eh, dont care. Tis Haruhi season 2! The wait is finally over!! Ofc we won’t be getting a new episode every week… as the first season is still rerunning.

Just wanted to spread the love!!!

The Haruhi Hype

February 4, 2009
Click for hi res.

Click for hi res.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t wait in fact. What I can do without is all the hype, the rumors, and the waiting. People have been talking for MONTHS and I am getting bored… bored of the epicly long wait… I don’t wanna spend any longer than I do watching a laptop screen, especially not reading a real book on a screen…. I want the real book if anything…. But if this new season doesn’t come out soon…..


Tsuruya-san = SHIPPED!

November 6, 2008

FINALLY! She’s on her way!! I chose SAL shipping this time, as opposed to EMS like I used for my Hatsune Miku Nendo. Least I’ll be able to find out how long SAL takes. I’m hoping about 2 weeks…. Thats an optimistic estimate right? It’s 7-45 days usually. I’ll just have to wait and see…. Here are some pics from Danny-sans Tsuruya-san article for your viewing pleasure.



I can’t wait for her to get here!! I preordered her before I even knew about my namesakes(Emiri)head being included! I may invest in a Mikuru so I can have Emiri on display too…. I’m still waiting on Haruka Nogizaka to be shipped from Up1. I’m guessing they haven’t got it yet. Which is fine. I’m in no real hurry lol.

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