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London Expo Cosplay

October 30, 2008

On sunday, I vowed to ignore the stalls(for the most part) and just get many, many photos. Which I did. Not all decent enough to post here, I need a better camera… I do….. GAH…. And beware… theres a shock at the end of the post….

There were game characters…

There were eroge characters! Which I was uber-happy about! (Misuzu!!!) I even saw some cosplayers of Shuffle and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru(I think…)

Manga/anime characters and more! (Love this Sakura’s outfit, hairs not right, but its still a great outfit.)

Rosette from Chrono Crusade.(I spelt Rosette right, right? She is Rosette….right? I’m too lazy to google all these characters I’m not sure of the names.) And some character from Bleach.

Apparantly a character from the Chronicles of Riddick.

Some of Danny-sans comrades. Only got a back shot of these while I was in the queue. I have other Trooper pics I believe…

Many more photos below the belt.


Shion Sonozaki Photoshoot Review- Noobworthy at most…

September 18, 2008

Now I didn’t take any pics of my new Busou Shinki, not sure why…. must have forgotten… but it’s best saved for a post all of its own later on sometime, there are soooo many accessory bits and pieces that go with it!!

To start off, we have the lovely Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi no naku koro ni. There is hair for Mion too, but I prefer this hair, and the hair is a faff to change.

She seems well put together, with a nice enough sculpt. The paint work is decent enough, bit plain, but keeps to the original design, but could have been better. Her shoes are probably the worst done, possibly the slightly metallic silver paint used for the frilly bits on her skirt, gloves and socks. I like the way the hair is linear in colour, I always like when hair has linear colour, my Koko Tsukishima (of DaCapo 2) has hair like that too. There is one, very very small glue mark where the skirt ruffles are joined to the torso, a tiny bit annoying, but I can’t complain the price I got her.

Her pose has gotta be one of the strangest I own, kind of leaning back holding her tray, cute, but annoying that her head is tilted up, cause it means if I put her on a shelf above me it looks weird. And her head(which is removable, so as to attach the other hair) is a bit wobbly, nothing major. Her eyes are nicely done, very little in the way of skintone-shading, just around the cleavage, but the hair was nicely done, makes up for it, and there isn’t much of her skin showing anyway, due to her thigh-high uniform socks, its just the shoulders, head and thighs that are visible.

(You can see the strange pose above, almost looks like she’s laughing, which is kind of appropriate for the show lol) The tray she’s holding is also removable, no cast off, sorry boys! For a die-hard Higurashi fan this figure is an obvious must, and if your into crazy yakuza family green-haired gals, you might wanna get her also.  She’s from Megahouse and came out early 2007, I thought it was older actually, but HLJ says otherwise.

Suprise Loot Aqquired!!

September 16, 2008
Sorry for the crappy pic... tis better than the other one I could have used lol.

Sorry for the crappy pic... tis better than the other one I could have used lol.

I went to one of my local game/figure places today, expecting just Busou Shinki’s, like my brother told me. And I was totally gobsmacked when I found a gold mine of figures!!! And a good few rare ones too!! I never even knew they made a Shion/Mion figure before today… and pretty much all these figures, Bome’s, Kotobukiya’s etc, were all £10($20) or under!!!! I was sad they didnt have all the Busou Shinki’s my bro said were there, I wanted the angel too, aswell as the devil type. But the other figures more than made up for it!! I only spent £36($72) aswell…. wish I could have spent more… but I was controlling myself, so I only bought Serio from To Heart, and left Akari….:sniff: But I got Himekuri girl finally!! (The white one, would have gotten either.) Only £8($16) for her!! The Busou Shinki Devil Strarf was just £8, and the Mion/Shion(with two backs of hair.) was only £10 too!!! GAH I felt so lucky….

Prices(for those who dont want to read the whole rant lol)
Kotobukiya Serio (To Heart) – £10($20)
Konami MMS Busou Shinki Strarf Devil – £8($16)
Kaiyodo Himekuri Girl – £8
MegaHouse Sonozaki Shion/Mion (Higurashi no naka koro ni) – £10

There was also several Bome figures, the Kiddy Grade Twin pack, Full Metal Panic(twin set?) And there were 4 different kinds of Gundam figures, 3 girls and one guy, Meer Cambell was one of them. (Not familiar with the Gundam universe…. Might have been 00…) So much awesome stuff… there were three To Heart figures actually… Serio’s sister(?) was there too. There were some mecha revoltech and gunpla too. But no Gelgoog, so no deal…

(I’m sorry, but I had to rant, it was like the expo!! So many goodies!!!)
(The local figure and game place in question, which usually does not sell this kinda stuff, just final fantasy, star wars, dr who, wrestling, other cult stuff, is called Toyz and Gamez. They have an marketplace shop tool.)

(I know… I posted this as a news item… but I wrote so much in my rant I’m reusing it. Waste not – want not lol.) I will take pics of new goodies once the camera is charged. (I have to go fetch the charger first…:sigh: So lazy…)

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