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Oh yeeeaaahhh!! Thankies for the 100k+ views!!

March 26, 2010

I know its like 12000 views late… but I was in blogger-hiatus mode at the time it hit 100k I think… And thank you also for the 2000+ comments 🙂

Where would any milestone on this blog be without some Chie-love? Ahhhh that green haired gal.

More Chie loveliness below the cut 😀 Proper Chie picspam today lol. Mucho cuteness :DD


60,000 views! Arigatou Gozaimashita!!

July 14, 2009

Yesterday, before midday I think, my counter hit 60,000. Twas the next benchmark! :woop: I *think* the next one shall be 100k. Since 80k seems too soon… 60,000 hits in 366 days.(Leap year lol, close enough.) Twas an average of 164 hits a day.

Some more Chie!!

Some more Chie!!

 So thank you! I didn’t post this yesterday cos I’d already posted 2 things yesterday, and it seemed a bit like overkill lol.

20,000 Hits!! Thank jooooooo!!

November 21, 2008

20,080 hits! I just checked! Another Milestone! Mucho thankies to all those who have visited over the past (nearly) 5 months. And now some girls from my favourite series.




(All the images are the highest res available. Found at Konachan, Moe Imouto or, as for the Fumie Edleweiss one, I got it from the official game site.)

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