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Max Factory Fauna 1/8th Figure

February 2, 2009


I haven’t even unpacked my bags apart from my laptop, the first thing I did was get Fauna unpacked. I made the adjustments that Danny suggested on his article about Fauna too. I wanted to get them out the way before I got her rebuilt lol. (Odds that I’ll cast her off again in the near future are….low…lol)

Just in case you don’t know, the rest of this article is NSFW. lol My first truly NSFW post!! Hehehe


Atsunehay Ikumay Igmafay Etgay + Oremay oodiesgay

January 21, 2009


Esterdayyay ymay Atsunhay Ikumay igmafay arrivedway! I’mway oooooosay adglay! I’veway eenbay aitingway agesway orfay erhay andway ethay usualway aceplay inallyfay adhay erhay inway ockstay, osay Iway utpay inway ethay orderway astlay eekway, itway asway eantmay otay ebay away 7 otay 14 ayday aitway orfay
emthay otay etgay oneway, utbay itway idn’tday eelfay atthay onglay ollay.


Figma Preorders – Hatsune Miku & Tsuruya-san

August 31, 2008

Today I early-bird preordered Miku and Tsuruya-san from Hobby Link Japan!!! I’m so happy!!! I don’t care if they get shipped together and I have to wait for Miku, cos if I ordered her from the UK, I would get her even later than that. (Tsuruya-san is getting a October release, I’m willing to wait.)

Only my second ever preorder. :proud:

I didn’t even realise Tsuruya-san was up on HLJ, she just appeared at the bottom of the Miku page, so I thought I’d see if she was available to preorder too!!

I’m SO GLAD I got the chance to preorder them!!! And just before the early bird preordering is almost done aswell… You have to order by the 1st of September and you get 5% off the price. So very happy! (As if you can’t tell? lol)

I dont like how wide that mouth is...

I dont like how wide that mouth is...

I will probably keep the first face on Hatsune, I dont like that wide singing mouth much…

I love this face though!!

I love this face though!!

Hauuuu! I love Tsuruya-san!! I personally think the Figma Tsuruya-san captures her essence the best out of all the Tsuruya-san’s on the market.

I can’t wait to own them!!! They’ll probably get shipped to my house though, not my Uni accomodation… which will suck. I may have to edit the address or something. If not, them going to my house isn’t the end of the world.

(Oh, btw, all the images used come from HobbySearch.

HLJ/Paypal related quibbles…

August 11, 2008

Over a week ago I placed an order for the Hatsune Miku Nendoroid(which is now listed as Discontinued on HobbyLink Japan, so I hope to god they have one put aside for me since my order is in the process of being finished) and I am still waiting for the stupid e-check to clear!!! WHY do they have to work like normal paper checks? It just means they take JUST as long which is annoying as hell because Paypal was meant to be FAST!!! According to my PP account, they say it should be clearing tomorrow…. it better…. it really better, because my money is sitting in limbo right now, just floating around in the Paypal banks…. I will be sorely pissed if it turns out they sold all the Miku’s…. but my HobbyLink Japan account does say the order is ready to ship…. and they’re just waiting on the payment…(DAMN PAYPAL!!) Why didnt they just ask for the easy Paypal payment which just goes through straight away???? :sigh: I’ll just have to wait and see….

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