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June London Trip :3

June 24, 2010

TAIYAKI! Finally I got to try some XD

Had an awesome time with Purplezest. Got some awesome lootage too. It was kinda, unintentionally a Japanese-themed trip XD, all the stuff we ended up doing/seeing hehe, didn’t get to the Namco center though, one giant arcade seemed like enough somehow XD Had much fun spotting Pudding too 🙂 And we saw a guy on the tube who looked scarily like Robert Downey Jr… XD


My Blog’s 1st Birthday!!!

July 12, 2009
KYONGASM! Thought the image for be appropriate for celebration. The big 1 and the flowers, and the super-cute Kyon lol.

KYONGASM! Thought the image for be appropriate for celebration. The big 1 and the flowers, and the super-cute Kyon lol.

It has been one whole year since I started blogging. And its been awesome. I love it. I really do. Didn’t think I would so as much as I do. This was my first ever post. Just a quick test to make sure it didn’t crash or die lol.

So. 12 months. Seems so long ago I started…  294 posts, 1355 comments, 23 catagories, 2,519 tags(lol). Almost 300 posts… Am so very close to 60,000 views. Would be gutting not to get it by the end of the day frankly. So will go about my business linking crazily lol. My busiest day was the 10th of December, go t 455 views. Lord knows why. Must check…


Summer Season Anime – Freshly Squeezed Anime Goodness

July 5, 2009
Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

So far I’ve tried 5 of the new Summer anime, and I have Canaan all ready and dled to watch later tonight, but GG subs always seem to lag for me, the audio is quicker than the video and subs, anyone else get this problem? Its better in VLC, but the subs arn’t pretty and the singalong subs are usually out of whack, not a fan of VLC…

Am including a trailer or opening for each of the anime I’ve tried so far, so you can see what your missing, if your not already watching stuff.


Japanese Boy Candy + a suprise inside!

March 18, 2009



Since I got my friend into the Death Note movies, she’s developed a taste for Kenichi Tatsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara. I must say, she has excellent taste! lol.


Ever since I saw Battle Royale(age 13) Tatsuya has been on my ‘Height does not apply’  list (will explain if need be)lol. Kenichi however is *literally* on the cusp, at 180-185cm(depending on which site, his official page says 180cm, but I’d prefer to think 185, cos thats pretty much my height lol. (Suprise inside is at the bottom lol)


It’s too hot…..

July 24, 2008

I dont like warm weather much as it is… but this is ridiculous…. its Britain. It shouldn’t be this warm!!!! Nor should it be as deathly cold as it is in the Winter now, stupid global warming…..:sulk: I was born in Winter, therefore I think thats why I like cold weather better. Least when its cold you can wrap up warm and snuggle beneath your duvet. But when its too hot, the only thing you can do is wear less clothing. But what if its too hot then? Huh? Theres nothing you can do…. tis why I hate it…. AND, not only that, I now have Figures to worry about, bending, leaning and such. So far they’re fine…. but this is only the start of the uber-hot weather…. I will need a fan in my room if the weather continues this way….. Is it hot where you live right now?

Heat exhaustion-much?

Heat exhaustion-much?

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