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Clannad After Story Fujibayashi OVA – Still not convinced…

July 3, 2009


Earlier tonight I saw the Fujibayashi OVA, I didn’t even realise there was one before today, and only an hour or so before I found and dl’d the episode in question. I will enjoy pretty much any Clannad someone throws my way, even when its my least favourite characters.


Fuuko for Champion!!!

March 16, 2009
How can you not vote for that face???

How can you not vote for that face???

ISML is now OPEN for voting!! Go vote for Fuuko!! DO IT!!! She beats Kyou any day of the week…. getsuyobi kara nichiyobi made!! ANYDAY!! Pleaaaaseee vote Fuuko! Seriously, how can you not? Kyou’s story was nowhere near as good as Fuuko’s in the first season. And I can’t even remember what Kyou did in this season…. She’s just nowhere as moe as Fuuko. What is peoples obsession with tsundere? I wouldn’t like girls hitting me…yelling at me… etc etc. Just go for Fuuko! You know its the right choice!!! You do! Deep down! How can you resist her? Thats right, YOU CAN’T!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

My votes are:(Right below the jump, so is a lovely pic of Fuuko!!)


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