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Is it wrong?

April 4, 2010

(Not that I would ever get rid of any of my John Cusack collection, just using this as an example pic. Damn I need Pushing Tin...)

If you own a DVD, but you’re thinking about culling your collection, and want to keep a digital copy of the movie or TV series in question, is it wrong for you to download said movie/TV show? Since you’ve already paid for the movie/TV show… and more and more often, DVD’s are being released with digital copies of the movie included on the disc.

Is the ownership passed on when you sell a DVD? To a secondhand shop or someplace, since you’ve paid for it originally, even full price if you were desperate to own something, are you still allowed to keep a digital copy even after you’ve got rid of the actual DVD?

Just a random thought I had… cause I do have far too many DVD’s, most of which I hardly ever watch. Some of course I’d never get rid of, but some, like the naffer of Colin Firth movies, I could see myself parting ways with more happily, BUT what if I wanted to watch them after I’d sold it on… spose theres a similar dilemma with games too… I don’t have the heard to trade in any of my games as I always ask myself ‘what if I have the urge to play that game and I don’t have it anymore?!’ I’d be kicking myself of course…

Who actually buys anime DVD’s?

July 13, 2009
Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

I read Neo’s big fansub article in the new issue, 61, and felt compelled to write something, cos I do download fansubs, yes its illegal, but I, unlike alot of people, buy the series when they’re out. And I only watch anime I know I like, I don’t go downloading everything under the sun, that would be a complete waste of time.

In the past year, less actually, I’ve bought more anime than I ever have before. Online, at conventions, in stores. I like to think I do my part for the anime market. And this is mainly thanks to being able to watch and test out anime using fansubs. Anime like Clannad, Ouran High Host Club, Onegai Twins, Kanon, all anime I bought because of the fansubs I watched. Some series I buy just cos I know I’ll like them, To Heart, Midori Days, I hadn’t seen them before, maybe one episode of Midori Days on a anime preview disc from Newtype or something. Other stuff I bought when I saw it cheap, like Bleach, and, god forbid Naruto…(just tried the first part of the first season, didn’t get through the first disc… Bleach was better, have the first season of that. There are also occasions when I rented anime from the library. Did that with Elfin Lied and few others. Tsukihime I got because I had the first volume in a big-multipack of anime and loved it, mostly volume 1’s in the set.


Stupid (UK) Government…

June 26, 2009
This screen came from DC, the updated statement from Minori.

This screen came from DC, the updated statement from Minori.

It’s pure bad luck or idiocy that the ero game that appeared on Amazon UK was RapeLay… Just awful that that was the game that got noticed… cos its one of the extreme games, that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, that its got a really bad reaction…(fair enough, tis a nasty sounding game) if it was a lesser Visual Novel and not a simulator like that…it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as its gotten right now… Its caused reprocussions for the otakus of the world. Now companies like Minori are beginning to restrict access to those outside of Japan… its disappointing and sucky that something like this has happened… after the years of overly violent games on the market, finally somethings coming about that makes them stop and think about the indecent stuff on the market… Took this long…


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