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Lobster Iron Man!!!

April 22, 2010

Meet Lobster Iron Man.

...the unholy cross of...

...crustacean and comic book hero...

And if this doesn’t give you nightmares… I’m sure this will; (Below the cut people, NSFSC XD)


What My Top 10 Actors Say

November 14, 2009

Ok.. I couldn’t do just 5… it was friggin’ impossible!! I couldn’t leave one off without feeling bad…. Though there are 11 I can think of, properly favourite, so one was kicked. Who? I won’t say, cos I still feel bad…

(Literally ALL the eye of the tigers have embedding disabled… so looks like you’ll have to go to yt anyways… evil.. but I supplied the HD one above, so its easy to find lol.

Now, the only one I put in order is Tennant, cos he is my all time favourite, and that will NEVER change. Unless a taller awesome scottish guy comes along. Who’s a more accessable age lol. The rest are in no particular order.


Robert Downey Jr – Another obsession…

November 6, 2008

Recently… since I’ve got to Uni and made new friends, I’ve discovered I ain’t the only gal of my age to think he is freakin’ gorgeous!!! Me and two others are properly hooked on him. And he’s an awesome actor to boot!!! And he can sing! Oh the singing….:swoons: The only let down is the height… he’s too short for me by about 2 inches or so…. AND another let down…. his son is too young for us(me and my friends) aswell… Indio is 15…. a nearly 4 year age gap is too much for me….. unless he was taller than me….. lol. Anyways, yes, RDJ, so very awesome….so….very, very awesome…. Have been looking into his past work. So far have ‘aqquired’ 10 of his movies, with 4 more on the way. I even paid £16.99 for the double disc collectors edition of Iron Man because I knew the front cover would be uber-hot underneath the sleeve-case.


We watched ‘The Singing Detective’ and ‘Iron Man'(again) last night. Have watched Charlie Bartlett once so far, at last weeks movie night, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang too. I’ve seen that like 5 times so far. I’m really looking forward to watching ‘A Guide to Recognising your Saints’ and ‘Only You’.

My friends both agree, he’s grown into his looks, much like Tennant has. When RDJ was younger he seemed…I dunno…. gawky? Too smooth for some reason lol…. 25+ is a good time. Maybe older. I have yet to see Johnny Be Good. Can’t wait though.


Anyways…. just a little rant…(while listening to his album, ‘The Futurist’, which I ‘aqquired’ earlier this evening… lol OMG It’s good though… like way better than I thought….) I know that pretty much none of you regulars will be intrested in RDJ stuff lol, but most of you must have seen Iron Man and will agree that he rocked in that!! Am I right?


And I’m looking into the 15 episodes of Ally McBeal he was in too, downloading bits and pieces to see if its worth buying. I’m doing the same for quite a few movies where he’s the star or co-starring role. Although I’ve just ordered 5 dvd’s of his, The Singing Detective, because I loved the movie so much I want it solid-form. £3 from Amazon :woot: Also got ‘Chances are’ and ‘Only you’ on the way, both romcoms, and two action movies, ‘U.S. Marshals’ and ‘Danger Zone’ for good balance lol, and none of the ones I ordered(part from ‘The Singing Detective’) are easy to find via torrents, and they were cheap. £16-17 for all 5 dvd’s. Bargain! :woot: Can’t wait to get em….

(Images come from here, the Downey Web Gallery, I love these dancing pics. I have bigger versions, but am under strict orders not to redistribute. Which come from here, Downey Unlimited, the BEST Archive of info and photos and everything on RDJ on the internet!!! Seriously! It’s mega-awesome! You have to properly email to be allowed access to the sites gallerys, and even then, the right-click save function has been disabled, so saving them is more of a faff, but do-able.)

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