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What My Top 10 Actors Say

November 14, 2009

Ok.. I couldn’t do just 5… it was friggin’ impossible!! I couldn’t leave one off without feeling bad…. Though there are 11 I can think of, properly favourite, so one was kicked. Who? I won’t say, cos I still feel bad…

(Literally ALL the eye of the tigers have embedding disabled… so looks like you’ll have to go to yt anyways… evil.. but I supplied the HD one above, so its easy to find lol.

Now, the only one I put in order is Tennant, cos he is my all time favourite, and that will NEVER change. Unless a taller awesome scottish guy comes along. Who’s a more accessable age lol. The rest are in no particular order.


A couple of things…

October 8, 2009

Right, I might aswell start with the most recent thing, fresh in the memory and whatnot. Thing 1;

The vid above is one of the awesome animations by RJDM. Check out their site! Do it!!!!!!! Their company name is like a combo of RDJ and JDM. Heh. Heheh. Hehehehe….. Yum.

Uni has now properly kicked off. One class on tuesday, which I’ll mention a bit later… and one today, meant to be two, but our teacher was ill. Man-flu or something lol. Today, was awesome. Met the head of RJDM. An animation company based in Northamptonshire. And, unlike how I usually do, I went on the site to see what they’re done that I recognised.

More below the cut, do read on!


John Cusack – Spreading the love

February 10, 2009

I’ve been a fan for quite a while now, but I’m only just getting a friend of mine to watch some of his movies. From the IMDB list… I have seen now…. 18/19(can’t remember if I’ve seen ‘The Contract’ or not….) of the 56. I think thats pretty good, considering how hard to get some of the DVD’s are…


Watchmen – The Comedian – JDM

January 29, 2009


Today I found out that one of my favourite recurring characters,Denny Duquette, from Greys Anatomy, is playing The Comedian/Edward Blake in Watchmen. His name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


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