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Mass Update Raging – No.6, Fringe, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, K & Rabu Kare

November 4, 2012

TV… y u must irk me so…

So I’ve found myself raging at TV and anime this week. Either due to stupid things happening in them, or things I do not approve of, or both. Or more. So here. Do with this as you will…. Rage and spoilers within… I try to keep specifics out of it, apart from with No.6 where I had to… sorry XD


K – Giant floating swords and invisible naked cat girls

October 21, 2012

So. K. Hmm. Ep 1 definitely seemed a little… hectic… random… whatever the word… I was a little confused… maybe more than a little. Only on ep 2 did I get into it more. And accept it’s… oddness. Cos it is. Odd. The style. The animation(in places). It’s kinda artsy. It is a beautiful series. Beautifully designed. Gorgeous to watch. But I’ve got to ep 3…and we’ve jumped back to a part of ep 1… with the giant floating swords, which was one of the parts that confused me most. And then that part where the naked girl ran through the school.

I love how in anime you can see them through clothes, but if they’re wearing less, BAM. Gone.


Bloody Monday

March 10, 2010

Holy cow the characters in the manga are different…(May have been overreacting after reading the beginning lol, and rewatching the beginning of the TV show lol.) Otoya Kujo’s the president of the newspaper club, all serious & wotnot… and Takagi Fugimaru(Haruma’s character) is kind of a perv lol. Kind of a goof ball from the 1st 28 pages or so. And The appearances are all off, but thats somewhat expected in a manga/anime to TV/Movie thing lol, manga/anime hairs not exactly the easiest thing to replicate, though all the hairstyles I’m seeing so far are totally doable. Some spoilers for the TV & Manga in this post btw, just to warn you. 🙂


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