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Kotobukiya Shiro 1/7th Scale GETTO!

March 30, 2016
She's so fucking pretty!! The colours on her! The pose, the hair! GAWD she's lovely <3

She’s so fucking pretty!! The colours on her! The pose, the hair! GAWD she’s lovely ❤

Many more pics after the jump~


Preorder Madness!!

March 2, 2016
I am excite for this.

I am excite for this.

I think I’m actually losing track of what I’ve got preordered… I remember quite a few things but without going through my emails I’m sure I’m forgetting something… I don’t even think it’s that many things…

Preordered and on it’s way

Shiro Kotobukiya 1/7th scale

Pikachu 20th Anniversary Plush

Pokemon 3DS Cover Plates (which technically I already have, so I’ll just resell these)

No Game No Life Collectors Edition Blu Ray/DVD Combi

Preordered and not out yet

Punch Line Limited Edition for PSVITA

Pikachu Nebukuro Raichu version plush

Shiro Phat Company ver

Pokken Tournament with controller

Steven Universe Cardigan

20th Anniversary Mew plush

Root Double – Before Crime * After Days Xtend Edition Kickerstarter

I *think* that’s it… I think….

So… yeah… I don’t just buy this stuff out of impulse. It’s technically all planned months in advance.

And for this. So colour. Much ful.

And for this. So colour. Much ful.

Day Off = TV, Anime, Games and SNACKS!! (Dagashi Kashi sample set 1 tasting)

March 2, 2016

My days off are used to catch up on TV, play games and control the TV completely. But today was special, as I got to try out some of my Dagashi Kashi loot from JList. It arrived last week but I’d only been able to try two things since then; an Umaibo which turned out to be Natto flavour, which I enjoyed XD (Now I want to try real Natto, dangerous right?) and the Cherry Kozakura Mochi, which I had Thursday while watching Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi. It was very cute.

It says 'Matsuchiyamochi' in hiragana on the left, but google doesn't help me lol)

It says ‘Matsuchiyamochi’ in hiragana on the left, but google doesn’t help me lol)



October 27, 2014
The new set up for my figures. There are soooo many more that need to come, and alll my figma's and nendoroids.

The new set up for my figures. There are soooo many more that need to come, and alll my figma’s and nendoroids.

So I came back to Birmingham yesterday, with some, not all, of my figures. Glad I have Chie, Ayu, Tamaki and some of my To Heart crew. There are soooo many more that need to come. Like Makoto, and the mini figures, nendo’s, figma’s, basically a massive selection. I HAVE MISSED THEM SO. They’re so goddamn pretty.

Seriously. Tamaki. She's soooooooooo cute. And yes her 'outfit' is ridiculously scanty, but I love her face. And Yuki's. I need all my bikini girls back so they can be together lol. I miss Haruka T-T

Seriously. Tamaki. She’s soooooooooo cute. And yes her ‘outfit’ is ridiculously scanty, but I love her face. And Yuki’s. I need all my bikini girls back so they can be together lol. I miss Haruka T-T

And I stand by my favourite figure maker, Kotobukiya. Most of the ones here are Kotobukiya… 8 of them anyway. So many more to come… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Xecty ~ Goddess of the Wind

September 28, 2010

She arrived just in the nick of time really, just before I came back to Leicester on sunday. She arrived in a huuuuge box. Biggest box I’ve got through the mail I think hehe. Biggest figure box too I think… she seems bigger than 1/6th scale, in my opinion, but I don’t have as many 1/6th as I do 1/8th, so could be wrong. Definately my biggest figure to date though.
I’ll have to box her back up for transporting on sunday, but I couldn’t not open her XD She’s too pretty. She is magnificent. A fine specimen. She’s got a great figure for a figure XD Tony Taka art is good like that, they’re not scarily Clamp thin lol.

Such a cute face 🙂 I do love Tony Taka artwork, ecchi though it may be XD


In the last week + Extra Loot

November 4, 2009

(Goddamn…. Why the hell didnt this post on the 2nd like it was meant to…?) I was meaning to post my Supernatural loot sooner than now, but I’ll do it with my other stuff, Hoi-hoi-san, mid-build Zaku, annnnnnd the yummy Tenka Taihei.


I got the body and head done, and my fingers were feeling so raw after threading the rings onto the tubes, I thought I'd call it a day and continue tomorrow.

The level of detail on this is crazy high! Sooo much better than my MG Gelgoog from 1997. This was released 2007, going by the box, a 10 year gap… seems so long ago…. Inside his chest sits Char, AND his chair-compartment-thing(Captain Scarlet style!) moves backwards and forwards on a little switch on his back, very discreet, theres two panels on the front that move up and down too. So much detail!!!!!!!


Head on.

I love that the bits on the side of the head, body and legs are on bendy tubes, tis beyond epic. And his eye moves! I think I’ve decided this Zaku’s a he. Some go one way, some go the other lol.



HOI HOI! She was a bitch to make lol. The hair… still a bit paranoid to pose her much due to the hair might pop out lol. She’s lovely. So cute. The feet joints could be a little more secure also. But otherall, super sweet kit. And would I get another? I think so!!!!!!!!!


I was a little apprehensive about trying this, last time I tried red bean curd I didn't like it much.

tenka taihei

I won't lie, I bought it *mainly* because it looked like Taiyaki lol.

Ofc, when its half eaten, you can’t see it as much, but you can see the indentations lol. It was SUPER yummy. Way nicer than the last red bean paste/curd I had. The thin pancake layer coating the red bean paste, with a sweet chestnut paste filling in the middle. Not so big on the chestnut, but the red bean was YUMMY. I will definately be buying more next time I’m in London.

close up

There, you can see the layers, I forgot to take a pic before I started nibbling haha.

sup loot

I know you guys won’t care about hot guys, but this(Supernatural) is our fanservice lol. All the comedy and chickflick moments(that Dean says he doesnt want, but always seems to start em haha.) The scary looking pendant in the middle is Deans pendant, comes into play in the 5th season. Cas has use for it. Still haven’t read slash fics, but I’m sure I’ll get to a point where the pull of Destial will be too strong LOL. Anyways, yeah, those are the badges n stuff I got from expo, lots of photos n stuff, but I already have on my computer lol.

Thats it for now, Supernatural time!!!!!!!!!!!

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