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Guess the Fuzzy Gundam Crotch!!!

September 29, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah…. I know… they’re technically not gundam(which does narrow it doesnt for you lol), but ‘Guess the Fuzzy Mobile Suit Crotch!!’ just doesnt roll off the tongue in the same way, now does it??

Crotch #1

Crotch #1

Crotch #2

Crotch #2

(In my head I’ve been typing it like Joey says things in the ep of Friends where he’s auditioning for a gameshow host job. Bamboozled ftw. Wicked Wango card and wotnot lol. Love it.)

(I had to find it, just had to. For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before(SHAME ON YOU).)

Anyways! Back to the plot. No ofc I’m not really getting you to guess which MS crotch that is! Or am I? 😀 I’m an enigma, wrapped in mystery, wrapped in pasted, baked in a pie! And flat packed at Ikea lol. (Tis like 3:30am here, forgive my slightly odd/hyper rants lol, probly the matt varnish fumes hehehhehe.)

Tis a teaser for my MS. Which? You’ll see. When? Who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe I’ll forget altogether and post another gundam crotch guessing game lol.

Peace out.

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

(The above pic was taken while I was switching nendo bodies round and having a general fiddle with the setup. I love this. Its just so…so wrong…. in so many ways. lol

Little Miracles ~ Chiisai Kiseki ~ 小さい奇跡

May 29, 2009


Last night I watched the 3rd episode of Sexy Voice and Robo, and Robo made a very good point relative to figures aswell as robot models, (turning out to be a very nice little series, based on a manga) he did a little speech on miracles, and a miracle he saw when he was in third grade, said speech is below(copied from subs lol).

Japanese Boy Candy + a suprise inside!

March 18, 2009



Since I got my friend into the Death Note movies, she’s developed a taste for Kenichi Tatsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara. I must say, she has excellent taste! lol.


Ever since I saw Battle Royale(age 13) Tatsuya has been on my ‘Height does not apply’  list (will explain if need be)lol. Kenichi however is *literally* on the cusp, at 180-185cm(depending on which site, his official page says 180cm, but I’d prefer to think 185, cos thats pretty much my height lol. (Suprise inside is at the bottom lol)


Lelouch Lamperouge Figma – Lulu GET

March 15, 2009

My first male Figma. I don’t know how many I will get… if they made a Tomoya or L Figma I’d be there so fast…. so would my friend lol. She’d want L. 71

He’s taller than the girls, but his head is smaller, so he looks smaller than the others in a way. More petite. Thickness of the arms, legs etc.



March 11, 2009

A while ago in my Japanese lesson, we had an activity thing where we exchange home-made business cards. I got 4 lol. All from the Japanese students who were helping with Junko-san’s class heheh. I got one from my favourite, Hitomi-chan! She helps with the class every week. She’s so sweet! And her husband works for Sunrise. She saw my blog and was so happy! She watches Clannad After Story too, amongst other stuff. I’d brought my Kagami figma a while before too. Gah, she’s so kawaii!! She’s quiet, reminds me of Nogizaka Haruka in some ways… reserved and polite and super-moe! AND she can draw! So well! Such cuteness….

L!!! Eru-kunn!!! So cute!!

L!!! Eru-kunn!!! So cute!!



She did the L meishi card just for me! Auuuu she’s so lovely! Some other meishi(business cards) I got!

Some people in the class were from other parts of East Asia. I can't remember exactly where Vicky was from... I know someone was from Seoul.... but that name looks Chinese...doesn't it?

Some people in the class were from other parts of East Asia. I can't remember exactly where Vicky was from... I know someone was from Seoul.... but that name looks Chinese...doesn't it?


I know that one should be rotated 90 degrees clockwise…. lol. I forgot to, and I’m doing this quickly. Got stuff ta do! Rainbow drops to buy.


December 19, 2008

132. The number of figures I have accumulated. (This isn’t counting all the pokemon gashapon and stuff too… would be higher lol) (It was originally 129, but I forgot about some figures I didn’t count…. the 1/10th Sakura, the 1/5th fig and my Princess Ai doll. I’m so glad it’s 132!! How perfect is that?? 132!! (I swear it wasn’t planned…. I won’t say I didn’t look around to check for figures I’d forgotten about though lol))

132 figures. Thats including PVC, posable(Figma, Revoltech, Shinki, Nendoroids and a doll or two) and mini figures.

38 PVC 1/10th to 1/5th scale
18 Posable, Figma’s to 1/6th FF figures to a Princess Ai doll.
76 Mini figures, from Puchi Nendo’s, trading figures, bigger gachapon, PSE mini figs to Figumates.


Ok, IT Crowd over, I got distracted too… lol I found the other pic, but this was taken before I packed up Chie, Corti and others I brought to Uni with me…


Righto, thats an updated photo. All figures that remain at home are crammed on top of that. Not all the mini figures… just some… But my Pikachu car is there lol. There are many of my girls there though. And some of my guys. Hardly any thought compared to the female figures lol.

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