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K-on! – Ep 2, Instrument! (More Mio-moe the better!)

April 10, 2009

Watched the new episode of K-on! a few hours ago now lol. Not long after I got up lol, was one of the first things I did hehe. Instead of waiting untill night to watch…


If you enjoyed last weeks, you won’t be disappointed. I won’t give anything away about the story in text form, but I will post the 30-something printscreens I took lol, so if you haven’t already seen it, you may wanna avoid looking at them yet.


K-ON! – Ok… I give in..

April 4, 2009


Damn Kyoani… they’ve done it again… You can guarantee that in the next Saimoe, some of these girls will definately be popular… And again… I’ll reitterate. Unholy mix of Haruhi, Kannagi and Clannad. Style of animation, the way their hair moves, reminds me more of Kannagi. But their faces shine Haruhi/Clannad. Yu has like… smaller Nagisa eyes lol. And her smiles remind me of Nagisa too. Whereas Mio reminds me of Nagi… the hair helps with that too lol.


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