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Clannad After Story 22 – Couldn’t have asked for a better ending (Spoilers-desu!)

March 14, 2009


Well… I could have asked for one more thing…. but that would be greedy, since so much good stuff happened… Many screens and info below… spoilers ahead. I’m not gonna walk you through the whole episode though.


Mikado(Pocky) in Sainsburys!

March 5, 2009

Went shopping today, for shampoo, washing up liquid etc etc, boring stuff. And while in the biscuit aisle I spotted something… something I never expected to see… Pocky in a british supermarket…

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.


SLR Practice

January 25, 2009

(Please note, this is not a digital camera I’m using. I’m using a plain old fashioned Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-100mm.(I think thats its name, if not, its Nikon F65 lol) No screen, no iso controll I know of…. that I’ve been taught of… if there is, someone tell me lol.)

Yesterday I’d got round to scanning my best SLR pics from the first shoot, from Castle Gardens. And the next set I did over yesterday and today I got on CD aswell as 6×4″ photos, so no scanning needed lol.

The first pics I’m gonna post are the scanned photos, my favourites at any rate. And this was my first time fiddling with an SLR camera. So I’m suprised more of them weren’t blurry or complete rubbish lol, only a few of the 72(2×36 exp) came out bad lol.

One of my favourites I think.

Probably one of my favourite pics. Because I got the flower in the center in focus but not all the rest, which was my aim lol. I think...


Christmas Decorations – BEST EVER!!!

December 19, 2008

I love Christmas for quite a few reasons. 1. My birthday, 2. Christmas itself, 3. Decorations, 4. The crazy availability of chocolate, sweets, other yummy things etc and I’m sure there are more reasons than that…. but those are the main ones for me.

There are a few houses in the area I live which just stand out compared to the rest. My favourite is one I used to see on the way home from work.(Being driven by parent lol) I’m not sure where it is. But it’s wonderful. It’s so overdone it’s just not true.


Is that not one of the most overdressed houses you ever did see(in the UK)? lol I know that some places in America go really overboard. I remember they even made a movie about it, ‘Deck the Halls’, Matthew Broderick vs Danny Devito lol. Haven’t seen it, but I just recall adverts. Anyways, this house is even better in real life. It’s so nice at night. And its right in the middle of nowhere. It’s like black for ages and then this beacon of gaudy-delights. Not even a very big house, a widdle bungalow. There are a few other houses in the area that are good, but not as extensive as this. Though the house with inflatable snowmen and a santa is impressive. It’s on a main road though, harder to get pics of…..shame…


Slightly closer up pic. I’m suprised my camera got any vaguely in focus shots frankly…. pitch black night, flashing nights… it’s little 4mp self must have worked hard to get this lol.

So what kind of Christmas lights and decorations do you see round your area? Good as this? Better even?

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