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Strike Witches ep 12 – Strike Witches – Preview

September 18, 2008

Released at 10pm UK time on Crunchy Roll, Bost’s has been up for a while now… it’s available through Cyber12. I didnt realise you could get it earlier through Bost till tonight lol. Those who have unlimited download broadband, go for the bigger 200+mb file from Bost on Cyber12, but those who arn’t lucky enough to have unlimited download broadband…. go for the 70mb Crunchy Roll release. An intresting fact, Crunchy Roll doesn’t have Strike Witches as a completed series… will that change after the streaming stops? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Strike Witches ep 11 – To the Sky – T minus 2.5 hours!!

September 11, 2008

It’s less than 2 hours and 18 minutes till Strike Witches airs on Crunchy Roll and Bost!!! I usually download from CR using RP, and then watch later. But theres nothing on tonight to get in the way… although I have an ep of Gilmore Girls AND the second episode of The Children too.

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